Discover your perfect hobby: Unleash creativity and relaxation with these 5 ideas

A hobby is something that gives you pleasure by doing it in your spare time…
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Every week, there is a day of break for which most of us wait restlessly and when it finally arrives, we don't know what to do. This is where adopting a hobby can be useful. A hobby can be a very effective way to tune into yourself and lose track of time and it should be something you enjoy doing in your leisure. Still not sure what hobby you want to take up? Here are 5 recommendations that you should give a try.


Drawing has invariably been a part of everyone's childhood. From the stick men to the mountains with the sun in between, we have all tried to be Picasso at least once in our lives. Taking up drawing as a hobby can be a mighty effective way to cater to your inner child and find the lost passion. Pencil sketching can be a great start due to its flexibility to erase and the minimal tool supply needed. It need not always be traditional either, you can try out doodling and adult colouring books if you don’t want to commit to the prolonged hours of making an artwork.

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Gardening can be a very gratifying hobby to undertake. There is pleasure in being in touch with nature and grooming something with patience and perseverance. There is an array of plants you can tend to, right from flowering plants for the visual seeker, vegetative ones for the chef to a cactus for the forgetful ones!

Jigsaw puzzle

There is always a time when you just want to switch off your racing mind and stay in the present for a few minutes. A jigsaw puzzle is a tailor-made hobby for such moments. There is a sense of peace in just sitting in one place and fitting in the pictured pieces and of course, not to forget the sense of accomplishment we receive after completing a thousand-piece puzzle.


Crocheting is one of the hottest hobbies on the internet right now. With just a hook, a ball of yarn, and some time, you can create personalised gifts like tops, door mats, bags, and dolls. Not only will you be known for your unique and heartfelt presents with this hobby, but you'll also enjoy the relaxing and rewarding process of making them yourself.


A hobby confined to a single spot may not be the ideal hobby idea for everyone. For people with travel written in their hearts, hiking might be an amazing hobby to adopt. A few hours in the wild and a lifetime in the mind! It can also be one of the most healthy hobbies to take up, providing ample exercise and a chance to meet like-minded people on the go.

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Having a hobby offers a wealth of health benefits, from reducing stress and improving mental health to enhancing cognitive function and boosting creativity. So find your passion, dive in, and let your hobby be your happy place!

Story by S Shruthi Darshini

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