8 Reasons You Cannot Miss the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival

All roads lead to Bhutan this August, as one of the happiest nations in the world gears up for the eighth edition of the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival.

Will look into book ban if author contacts us: Sahitya Akademi

The Adivasi Will Not Dance — a collection of short stories published by Speaking Tiger — is Santhal writer Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar's second book.

Book ban an attack on freedom of expression: Amnesty

The Jharkhand governments decision to ban stories is an attack on freedom of expression, Amnesty International India said

Desert warrior, ignored prophet: Lawrence of Arabia's life, legend and legacy

As the entire Middle East is in greater turmoil than ever before, we should remember T.E. Lawrence, whose 129th birth anniversary was on August 17.

Sujatha Gidla

Independence was only transfer of power; true freedom is equal access to everything for everyone

The nation has just celebrated Independence Day with great pomp and fervour — but does this special occasion evoke similar sentiments among the Dalits living in the country?

Stories with human characters influence children more

Children learn moral lessons more effectively from stories with human characters than with "cute" human-like animals, a new study has revealed.

The amazing tales of inventions that created and run the modern world

When we think of the wonders of our modern world, we may cite these flashy hand-held devices that enable us to communicate, entertain ourselves and find information instantly

23rd Delhi Book Fair set to begin from August 26 

Good news for the bibliophiles of the national capital, the Delhi Book Fair is all set to begin from August 26.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway's hangout in Cuba marks 200th anniversary

A bar in Havana which used to be American Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway "hangout" spot and also the birthplace of the classic daiquiri cocktail, is marking its 200th anniversary this year.

The Fix

A gangland-style execution at the FBI HQ: David Baldacci's The Fix

A gangland-style execution -- and the murderer's subsequent suicide -- right outside the FBI headquarters in Washington is witnessed by an extraordinary agent who is now tasked to solve it.

Manoj Jain

A psychologist's observations: Manoj Jain's third novel, Balraj

Balraj is the third book by author Manoj Jain, following up on The BNO and The THC.

Judging books by their names, a trip through tantalising titles

While an indirect, rather fanciful title is now the norm, even among them, some have an edge in captivating readers.

KV 'Pops' Sridhar

30 Second Thrillers: Short screen stories that influenced India

Sridhar, alias "Pops", who has had a long and fruitful innings in the ad industry from a start as a painter of Bollywood hoardings.

Kamila Shamsie Photo: Zain Mustafa

The hardest expectations come from yourselves: Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire stands out among other books in the Man Booker Prize longlist for its simple style.

Osama Siddique

To the moon and back: Osama Siddique's debut novel

Osama Siddique’s debut novel sits amongst a clutch of powerful new works from Pakistan.

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