Racing Extinction

World Environment Day: 18 shows to immerse yourself in the wonders of the world

This World Environment Day, catching up on some eye-opening documentaries and shows

Asha Negi

Baarish 2 lead actress Asha Negi reveals it was a challenge to shoot the kissing scene

Season 2 looks at what happens to the unlikely couple of Anuj and Gauravi

Naagin 4

Ekta Kapoor admits messing up with Naagin 4, announces season 5

Naagin update: Season 4 to end and fresh season announced

Barkha Singh

Barkha Singh on Bazaar Travels, life in lockdown and creating content within the confines of home

Actress and travel blogger Barkha Singh takes us through her latest series Bazaar Travels while also sharing her life in lockdown

A look at the best of series, short films and videos made in home studios

Made in lockdown: Here are a few hot new series, short films and videos made in home studios

The ongoing lockdown saw some actors, directors and musicians working from the confinement of their homes and yet producing videos, short films and full-fledged web-series. But, what does it take?

Kannada TV actress Mebeina Michael (Photo: IANS)

Kannada TV actress Mebeina Michael, 22, dies in a tragic road accident, fans mourn the loss

Kannada television actress Mebeina Micheal died in a road accident on Tuesday evening.