Chef Mural

Catching up with Chef Manjunath Mural

He talks about the changing global culinary trends along with a bonus recipe

Helly Raichura with the team at Taj Santacruz | Pic credit: @helly_raichura_

From Gujarat to Australia, here's the journey of Enter Via Laundry's chef Helly Raichura

Helly, in collaboration with Conosh, organised a pop-up in Mumbai last month

Head chef Lilyma Khan (Photo | Express)

From street survivor to culinary star: Lilyma Khan's journey to head chef at 'Dear Donna'

We spoke to Lilyma Khan–whose journey from foraging food in dustbins to becoming a fine dining restaurant's head chef.

In frame: Harish Closepet

Thinking out the (lunch) box with MasterChef India contestant Harish Closepet

MasterChef was never on the cards for Closepet but it was his daughter who pushed him to apply for it and now, he is among the top six finalists on the show

In Frame: Chef Andrew Yeo

Michelin-star Chef Andrew Yeo makes a stop in Bengaluru on his first visit to India

The chef tells us why Chinese and Indian cuisines can complement each other and shares one secret tip to bring the taste of restaurants in homemade Chinese!

Aditi (Right) with a topsy turvy cake

Decoding Topsy Turvy Cakes with Aditi Garware 

 The Pune-based baker came to Kolkata recently to conduct a series of workshops in collaboration with Conosh 

Chef Ranveer Brar reveals he sold 'jalebis' to make ends meet in college

Chef Ranveer Brar reveals he sold 'jalebis' to make ends meet in college

He talked about his struggling days in one of the episodes of MasterChef India

In Frame: Chef Gary Mehigan

Chef Gary Mehigan indulges in some 'fafda, gathiya and jalebi' as gets a proper taste of Gujarat

He started his culinary adventures in India from Mumbai, moved to Ahmedabad and now on his way to Surat

Vikas fondly recalled the time he first laid eyes on the serene Dal Lake

‘MasterChef India’ contestant's Kashmir-inspired dish leaves Vikas Khanna nostalgic

With Chefs Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Pooja Dhingra donning the judges’ hats, MasterChef India promises not only mouthwatering dishes but also heartwarming stories and inspiring journeys

Gary Mehigan

Gary Mehigan gets candid about food on his recent trip to Kolkata 

The chef talks about food trends, Kolkata and shares recipes for beginners

Image Credits: Pexels

Six food plating and presentation suggestions by experts

Celebrity chef and founder of Palate Culinary Academy, Rakhee Vaswani, author and consultant celebrity chef Ananya Banerjee give six food plating and presentation suggestions