Yoga may offset side effects of prostate cancer treatment

Practicing yoga just twice a week may lead to better physical, sexual and emotional health among patients undergoing prostate cancer radiation treatment, suggest the results of a trial

A classic guide on meditation

 The only way to meditate is to meditate right. That's what Om Swami teaches elaborately in the book

Ansari launches 10th anniversary celebrations of Iyengar Yoga Centre

Vice President Hamid Ansari on Saturday inaugurated the 10th anniversary celebration of Yogakshema, the first Iyengar Yoga Centre of Delhi.


Know which facial features are most likely to be inherited

The research team took scans of twins' faces using 3-D cameras and custom built statistical software to generate thousands of points

Get hands on skin, hair care tips to combat changing seasons

Rashmi Shetty, Dermatologist and advisor on Pond's skin panel says that it's important to keep these five key factors in mind

Is your hair summer ready?

Experts from the industry gives you a lowdown on getting through the season with fabulous hair 

DIY skincare tips for summer

Here are some packs to add to your routine

Pick banana, melon, cold milk to fight acidity

Avoid chances of acidity during the hot days by indulging in bananas, melons and coconut water

Stem cells and the art of giving

In an attempt to take precautions, people are doing their best such as exercising, controlling their diet, taking health supplements, undergoing periodic health check-ups and what not

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