Rebecca Vargese


A Star Wars lover living in denial, Rebecca Vargese thinks Ewoks are awesome. When not stringing together words to describe fashion and couture, she enjoys listening to old school rock, collecting Lego figures and binge-watching House MD. Ps. She also shares a birthday with Harleen Quinzel.

@641 offers space up to amateur musicians

The meet up will attempt to bring together musicians and offers a free practice space

27 Jul 2018

Third edition of bean to bar chocolate workshop in Coimbatore

A four-day course, the event will include everything from how to pick and prepare chocolate beans to the tempering and moulding process

27 Jul 2018

Canopy Nature Academy celebrates Tiger’s Day with one-day camp

The session will include a nature walk and lessons on understanding the big cat and their habitat

27 Jul 2018

Tamarai hosts a dance drama to showcase Indian textiles 

The showcase will portray ethnic wear through a choreographed Bharatanatyam performance

27 Jul 2018

Mango Education hosts Lunar Eclipse community watch meet

The event will be hosted at Sreevatsa Lunchbox

27 Jul 2018

DC reveals trailer of Titans at Comic-Con and we have deets on Batman and Boy Wonder  

The Teen Titans are not so young anymore and things have gotten dark! 

23 Jul 2018

The New Indian Express hosts a marathon to end child labour

With ten thousand registered participants, TNIE marathon is contributing to the cause of spreading awareness to end child labour and is popularising the child helpline 1098. 

20 Jul 2018

Coimbatore-based Lazy Frenzy releases debut single 

Frontman of Rock Paper Scissors experiments with electro-pop and ambient music in his solo project, Lazy Frenzy

19 Jul 2018

CATS returns to the stage with an adaptation of the play Love, Sex and IRS

The play Love, Sex and the Taxman explores themes of tax fraud and identity through humour

19 Jul 2018

 Keventers packs nostalgia in an Instagram-worthy glass bottle 

The milkshake brand continues to remain synonymous with bringing the vintage glass milk bottles back into vogue

19 Jul 2018

Three’s capsule collection, Monsoon Stripes, is high on comfort and functionality

Minimal in its aesthetics and pared down in its choice of monotone colours, the capsule collection uses handspun cotton

19 Jul 2018

Second edition of Stories Worth Sharing comes to Coimbatore

Designed around the concept of reviving face-to-face conversation

19 Jul 2018

10-day book festival in Coimbatore

Look out for books in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam

19 Jul 2018

One-day bread baking workshop by Bakersville 

Learn to create various types of bread ranging from garlic to wholemeal bread

19 Jul 2018

Aprilia hosts open track day at Kari Speedway

Participants can try out the latest offerings from the brand

19 Jul 2018

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