13 ancient tombs uncovered during road project in Tibet

Archaeologists have found 13 tombs, estimated to be between 1,800 and 2,700 years old, in Bomi county of Tibet region

Eduardo Kobra

Graffiti artist in Sao Paulo paints world's largest mural

One of the most internationally renowned street artists is meeting another great challenge by painting in Sao Paulo the world's largest mural, a record that he himself set last year in Rio de Janeiro

Beyond Frontiers: A new show of art in germany

Art scenes in Germany are ushering in an all-embracing cultural phase

Still life

Explore the existential truth of life at Mattanchery-based Gallery 27's ongoing art exhibition

The ongoing exhibition at Gallery 27 presents an eclectic range of multimedia works exploring the 
existential truth of life 

Focus Photography Festival's  third edition, March 23, 2017

The irreducible bond between photography and memories

Buddhist leader presents giant-sized painting to Vietnam

The painting is of Lord Avalokiteshvara, an official statement by the Gyalwang Drukpa office.

Paris Mohan Kumar

UNESCO-honoured artist Paris Mohan Kumar’s artworks find a permanent address in Kochi

Presenting a strong voice against ecological, social and gender-based exploitations, Paris Mohan Kumar’s 100-plus works in watercolour and acrylic will be available at the outlet.

Karan Pillai's canvas

Korean artist Mi Yeon Kim

Exhibition on till Feb 22nd

N Ramachandran

N Ramachandran's urban visual archive of life in Chennai 

The artist, who lives and works in the city, is well-known for his montages

Karthik Srinivasan's dramatic and vigilant images of Europe

Experience evanescent moments captured on the streets of Europe

Gayatri Shantaram

A Sense of Touch by Gayatri Shantaram: large-format abstract artist

Gayatri speaks of a newfound sense of maturity before being a mother

D Dhasan, and emerging Chennai-based artist

D Dhasan: The next Manish Nai

D Dhasan’s eye for detail captures the expanse of possibilities in nature