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Bengaluru-based startup Book Doctors offers a hyper-personalised corporate reading programme

Calling themselves ‘Book Doctors’, this startup offers a hyper-personalised corporate reading programme, with book recommendations, home delivery and other allied activities

Members of Kanal youth organisation with the books they collected for the library in Palakkad

Karimba village in Palakkad gets youth organisation Kanal’s seventh reading room

Nearly 500 books were collected through a book hunt campaign for the upcoming library in Palakkad, which will have children’s literature, comics and magazines

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti Special: The Art of Solitude

It was almost two years ago when artist A Ramachandran was flipping through the images from DG  Tendulkar’s book Mahatma: Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

On the same page

International Translation Day: On the same page

Even though translation means 'carried into a new language', it is more than just that from a littérateur’s point of view.

Author Nawaaz Ahmed. (Photo |

When the story doth an author make

At the Indian launch of the book, organised by Starmark Kolkata, Nawaaz Ahmed discussed his book and the journey he had to take to make it this way with writer Sharanya Manivannan

Book cover of False Allies

Manu Pillai's new book, False Allies, looks at India's Maharajas in the age of Ravi Varma

Manu S Pillai expresses his larger argument: that the princely states were not just about palaces and elephants, but were spaces whose political history and peoples’ experiences shaped the country

Translator Priya K Nair talks about working on the Malayalam memoir of late forensic surgeon Dr B Umadathan

Titled Dead Men Tell Tales: The Memoirs of a Police Surgeon the book looks at some of Kerala's most high profile murders

Our Woman in Moscow, Seven Days in June and other books to get your hands on this week

Our pick of historical fiction, mystery and romance novels that are trending at the moment

Kubbra Sait

Pride month: Actor Kubbra Sait feels the LGBTQIA community deserves our unanimous support

Kubbra Sait hosts and curates an interesting Q&A session with prominent members of the community 

The Other Black Girl, House of Sticks and other books to read this week

Read about the experience of a Vietnamese immigrant, promient African American woman who hid her true identity to be accepted and a lot more

The Granddaughter Project book cover

Shaheen Chishti’s The Granddaughter Project recounts major events in history through women

The grandmothers in the story embody the collective who endured the same horrors.

7 Lessons from Everest

With 7 Lessons from Everest, Aditya Gupta plans to raise money for CRY

The book is about lessons from Mt. Everest as applicable to everyday life and business

Dr Anupriya Goel

Interview: Dr Anupriya Goel’s book, How To Get Glass Skin, has remedies for all your skin woes

Published by Penguin India, How To Get Glass Skin will hit the stands on June 7

Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie

Actor Brad Pitt wins joint custody of his children with ex-wife Angelina Jolie

Angelina was reportedly not happy with the verdict since custody had been given to a person with a history of domestic violence

Arbind Bhatia

Author Arbind Bhatia on his debut novel 'Marriage in the Time of Corona'

This finance professional turned first-time novelist, recently released his first literary work