Sapan Verma

It doesn't feel like work when I'm on stage: Sapan Verma

Ahead of his show, Shame On Me, stand-up comedian Sapan Verma opens up about his love for the art form, the evolution of the same across the world and how he fine-tunes his set


Stand-up comedian and Instagram sensation, Leni opens up about his impending set in Hyderabad

Gear up for a sidesplitting ride through the chaos of college and family life

Mohammed Hussain

To marry or not to marry? Mohammed Hussain's latest show answers it

Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Mohammed Hussain’s Shaadi Shud i? underscores the beauty of falling in love and how it makes you a better person

Vir Das wins International Emmys for Best Comedy

Vir Das wins International Emmy for Best Comedy, pays tribute to 'stories that make us laugh'

He shared the award with the popular British teen sitcom Derry Girls season three

Manjeet Sarkar

Read between the laugh lines: Manjeet Sarkar

India’s first Dalit stand-up comedian, Manjeet Sarkar takes the stage for his show, Untouchable, and gives us some food for thought

Stand-up comedians Annamalai Lakshmanan and Praveen Kumar

16th Anniversary Special: Will the real comedians please stand up?

Stand-up comedians in Chennai, who are popularising Tamil or Tanglish comedy, tell us what contributes to make for a good laugh riot

Rupali Tyagi

It wasn't an easy journey: Rupali Tyagi

Rupali Tyagi talks about her upcoming comedy show in the city, and how she plans to release more content online to reach wider audiences

Vir Das | Pic: IANS Photo

I scare myself in order to do better as comedian: Vir Das

The comic artiste feels that the greatest achievement for any artiste is when their audience walks back home with a small part of the performer in their minds, a moment where humanity shines through

Punit Pania: The voice of parody

Punit Pania: The voice of parody

Punit Pania’s comedy show, Guilty Bystander offers something that feels both uplifting and raw

Radhe Krishna Ram, Ankur Tangade, and Ravi Gaikwad

Blue Material, an all-Dalit comic collective, brings three standup artistes on one stage

The stand-up artistes, who are on an all India tour, share the experiences of carrying the weight of their identity they didn’t know was such a big deal

Vignesh Vijayan

Vignesh Vijayan’s ‘Mike and Muscle’ is about his journey as a freelancer

Vignesh Vijayan’s show talks about an ordinary guy who had a transition from a one BHK flat to three BHK

In performance

Aakash Gupta unwraps freshness in a spick-and-span comedy show

The artiste talks to us about his love for Hyderabad, theatre and approach to sketch comedy