Artistes performing

Sangeet celebrations redefine weddings

CE connects with these choreographers who diligently train not just the bride and groom but all those involved in the sangeet extravaganza

Still from the dance

Preethi Athreya on her performance in Kolkata and contemporary dance

The Chennai-based dancer-choreographer is in town with her traveling exhibition INHERITAGE

Pranavi Tumati

Pranavi Tumati on how she gets to be herself through Kuchipudi

Pranavi Tumati opens up about her childhood and how her dance institutes lifelong connections

In frame: Nepo (Deepak Shahi)

Red Bull Dance Your Style India winner Nepo is all ready for the global finals in Germany

When I am not dancing I am just Deepak Shahi, but the moment the beat takes over I give into Nepo. Nepo is a full character in his own right and I feel the dancer in me is all him.

Madhulita Mohapatra and the Nrityantar Dance Ensemble

Odissi Chronicles: Ahead of her show in Chennai, Odissi dancer Madhulita Mohapatra shares what will mesmerize the audiece 

Odissi danseuse Madhulita Mohapatra gives insights into her new show in Chennai and shares her journey in creating her dance ensemble

S Chandhini

Bharatanatyam dancer S Chandhini’s ‘Shakthi: The Goddess’ personifies dance as the Goddess

Bharatanatyam classical dance S Chandhini’s four-part performance explores the Goddess Shakthi through the primary colours green, red, blue, and yellow


Are you up for some freestyle hip-hop with Dinesh?

A street style showcase where Dinesh and crew will perform hip-hop, locking, breaking and in the end, do freestyle cipher

Scenes from the production

Flux School Of Arts is all set to showcase a new production from the perspective of the endangered albatross

In a thought-provoking fusion of art and environmental consciousness, Flux: School Of Arts in Bangalore is set to premiere a dance theatre production titled The Albatross.

Sadanam Vipin Chandran as Macbeth and Prabal Gupta as Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth does Kathakali!

As part of its 70th year anniversary celebrations, Alliance Française of Madras presents Lady Macbeth

In Frame: Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan

Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan: The life rhythm of a chenda maestro

Melaprayanam: The Saga of a Drummer is a documentary that explores the life of Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan, a significant figure who transformed the use of chenda in kathakali

Surendra Tekale’s ‘Lost in Oscillation is a compelling contemporary dance piece

Surendra Tekale’s ‘Lost in Oscillation’ is a compelling contemporary dance piece

It delves into the enigmatic realm of self-doubt, offering a mesmerising exploration of the contradictory nature of doubt

In frame:  Saroja Vaidyanathan

Bharatanatyam maestro and Padma Bhushan awardee Saroja Vaidyanathan passes away aged 86

Saroja holds the distinction of establishing the esteemed Bharatanatyam academy, Ganesa Natyalaya, in Delhi

In Frame: Arushi Mudgal

Our art forms are like rivers: Odissi exponent Arushi Mudgal, ahead of performance at Kalandhika National Dance Festival 

The Delhi-based odissi exponent is a true beacon of Indian art and travels widely to perform at revered festivals across the country and abroad

This proponent of kuchipudi is also a beacon of justice

This proponent of kuchipudi is also a beacon of justice

Parvathy Menon, a Kerala High Court lawyer, swap her black robes for a more colourful attire when she took to the stage to perform a solo kuchipudi dance drama