A scene from rehearsals of Chakravyuh

How Saki’s Death Trap inspired Chakravyuh, a play by Chennai’s Theatrix Dramatics Society

Saki’s one-act play Death Trap gets an Indian makeover in the latest production by Theatrix Dramatics Society

Film director Ranjith steps into theatre through an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter

This is the first theatre venture of the director after three decades in the movies

Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham in Theatrecian's adaptation of Great Expectations

 Theatrecian brings Shuktara Lal's Great Expectations on stage in Kolkata 

Shuktara Lal's Great Expectations will be staged at ICCR  

Parvathy Baul at a concert

Tantidhatri, Parvathy Baul's Performing Arts Festival, set to host performers from 16 countries

Artistes including, Sima Ghosh, Ana Woolf, Violeta Luna and Monica de la Fuente and others to perform at the six-day festival

Krishti's new play, Kaalpurush

Theatre group Krishti to stage their new play, Kaalpurush

Thespian Sitanghshu Khatua's drama group Krishti presents a new play, Dra

Shakthi Ramani in Solladi Sivashakthi

Andal Priyadarshini inspires V Balakrishnan to produce Theatre Nisha’s Solladi Sivashakthi

Theatre Nisha presents four short stories written by Andal Priyadarshini

A scene from the play, Sakshi, by Vesadharis

It’s all about the words of a witness in Vesadharis’ debut play, Sakshi

City-based theatre group Vesadharis captures a stark reality in their debut play


The story of Blackstratblues and the evolution of their music

Mumbai-based band Blackstratblues debuts in the city next week

Tim Crouch as Marvolio

Tim Crouch’s I, Malvolio presents Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night from a different perspective 

Tim Crouch plays the steward from the Twelfth Night in a rousing solo performance

Cast and crew of 32 Ashwini Dutta Road

Artiste Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee stages a story of a house

Artiste Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee experiments with alternative theatre in 32 Ashwini Dutta Road 

Sapan Verma

Hyderabad's FunnyBuzzness brings comedian Sapan Verma to the city with his special, Half Baked Chutkule

Ahead of his show in Hyderabad, comedian Sapan talks about being an introvert and new trends in Indian comedy.

A scene from the play

"A bullet doesn't see who it is killing when fired," says the director of The Black Calendar

The theatre group from Srinagar’s Ekta School of Drama and Repertory stages its most popular play The Black Calendar in Bengaluru

Ajit Chitturi in Caligula

Thespian En celebrates 25th anniversary with a selection of mono-acts adapted from previous plays

Titled The Journey, the anniversary production,  is a compilation of mono-acts edited and adapted from the plays by various playwrights that the group has performed during the past years.

Yours Truly Theatre group

Yours Truly Theatre celebrates its 15th anniversary with interactive performances

Yours Truly Theatre presents a one-day festival to celebrate its anniversary

Still from the rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Auroville Theatre Group’s Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream features a new twist 

The 22-year-old theatre group has adapted quite a few Shakespearean plays in the past, the last being King Lear, staged in December last year.