Hafele introduces new state-of-the-art premium vesta hobs

Embrace advanced technologies that ensure durability with premium quality brass burners

Rena's Linear collection

Rena’s new tableware collection Linear makes for a sophisticated dining setting

It features delicate crockery, including cups, mugs, espresso cups, plates, an assortment of bowls, cake stands, and more in minimalist design

From Pixel Paisley

Decode the magic of pixel art with Chumbak’s new homeware collection Pixel Paisley

The pieces feature motifs of elephant paisley, jaal, floral petals and geometric lines in pixel art design

Ideal study-cum-workstation

Craft the perfect cozy corner for your ideal study-cum-workstation

Whether you're working from home or have a designated office, a comfortable and inviting space can make all the difference

Naga Art Deco furniture from The Great Eastern Home

The Great Eastern Home unveils Naga Art Déco furniture: A homage to a unique culture

This contemporary collection weaves together the enigmatic allure of Naga forms with the timeless elegance of Art Deco

Vastu tips for harmonious living in compact spaces

Vastu tips for harmonious living in compact spaces

If you're a modern dweller seeking tranquillity and balance in your cosy abode, these Vastu tips are here to guide you