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Five diet and fitness tips to help you fast safely during Ramadan

Fasting can be an effective way to improve your health and wellness. However, it’s essential to fast mindfully to avoid any negative impacts on your body.

In Frame: Sameera Reddy

EXCL: 'I listen to my body,' says Sameera Reddy on building a healthy relationship with food

The former actress-turned-celebrity mom influencer, in an exclusive chat, lets us in on resetting her relationship with food during her pregnancy and indulging in mindful snacking

Positive people tend to be upbeat and optimistic all the time

Here is how positive thinking can affect the quality of your life

Positive people frequently get favourable outcomes

In Frame: Yasmin Karachiwala

Pilates Festival India 4.0 by Yasmin Karachiwala: A masterclass in health, fitness and rejuvenation

Held at the luxurious property, The Westin, Goa, the fourth edition of Pilates Festival India by Yasmin Karachiwala was a lesson on core and spine strength

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Dr Nikita Koli's infused beverage promotes gut biome 

Dr Nikita Koli has the perfect antidote for people who are prone to burn micturition, acidity and fatigue.

World Sleep Day is observed on March 17 every year

World Sleep Day: Expert reveals benefits of mindful sleeping and how to achieve it

There are three elements important for healthy sleep — duration, continuity, and depth. 


Mane Remedies: Four best benefits of Shikakai

Shikakai an amazing natural and safe product over any chemical lab products that eventually enters the body and causes more damage

In the eye of the calm: Eyebrow centre gazing to cure chronic fatigue syndrome

In the eye of the calm: Eyebrow centre gazing to cure chronic fatigue syndrome

This year, a leading fitness app added this wellness technique to its bouquet of solutions for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome

Listen To Your Body: Here’s why free radicals and oxidative stress is not good for your health

Listen To Your Body: Here’s why free radicals and oxidative stress is not good for your health

Let’s observe what exactly these two terms are and whether they are good or bad for our system

Celebrity fitness trainer Sohrab Khushrushahi

Ready, Set, Train: Celebrity fitness trainer Sohrab Khushrushahi on his upcoming 40-day fitness challenge

The fourth chapter of the challenge began on March 6 and we chat with the fitness expert to understand what the programme includes, his personal fitness regimen and more

Nutritionist Ruchi Sharma

Women Talking Taboo: Nutritionist Ruchi Sharma opens up on the hush around lifestyle diseases in women

To bust some myths about the common lifestyle diseases of women and understand where the hush around it comes from, we talk to Ruchi Sharmma, Nutrition Coach at nutrition brand Chicnutrix

5 health benefits of copper

All about copper

Drinking from a copper mug is good for you but beware of the consequences of excess copper

Are you busy, or are you effective?

Are you busy, or are you effective?

One can’t hope to be running from pillar to post and keep generating new ideas. One needs to take regular pauses to explore new things, tinker around and wander

Priyanka Chopra’s Holi celebration

Use preservative-free aloe vera gel after wash: How to care for your post-Holi hair

Make sure you are oiling your tresses and tying them in a braid before playing Holi

Namrata Purohit

Celebrity Pilates instructor Namrata Purohit shares her journey with us

An energetic fitness expert, Namrata has taken the fitness game a notch higher by introducing Electric muscle stimulation a.k.a EMS training that offers an efficacious change within a short period.