Allergies Treatment [Image Credits: Pexels]

6 ways to control allergies and sinusitis effectively

Common signs of sinusitis include headaches, snoring and breathing difficulties. It might also be interconnected with sleep apnea

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Anti Pollution Diet - Top foods to cleanse your system

When possible, following an anti-pollution diet can help you live healthily

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Achieve 'locks of confidence' by adding Shikakai to your haircare routine 

Shikakai, derived from the Acacia concinna plant, has been a cornerstone of holistic hair care routines for centuries in India

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Five realistic strategies to adopt during your weight loss journey

Start by setting simple and achievable goals for yourself

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Bhringraj oil: The Ayurvedic elixir for hair, skin, and health

Bhringraj oil's standout benefit lies in its capacity to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss

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Six effective tips for alleviating constipation

Constipation often leads to discomfort, bloating, and straining during bowel movements, causing distress and unease

Education plays a pivotal role in eradicating mental health stigma

No Shave November spotlights men’s mental health

No Shave November encourages redefining masculinity with emotional intelligence, empathy, and the courage to seek help


Sorab Bedi's fitness journey will leave you astounded

From diet to workout, here's how Chand Jalne Laga fame actor Sorab Bedi transformed his body to an eight-pack marvel

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Eat, retreat, repeat at Shatam Jeeva

An ayurvedic retreat amid a 100-acre forest of medicinal trees near Jhansi offers an insight into living long and well

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Here's how your gut affects your mental health, immune function and even cardiovascular health

Exercise influences gut health, including improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, better circulation, a sense of calmness, and stimulation of the vagus nerve. Let’s learn more on that.


Seizing the golden hour: Key to effective stroke intervention

In stroke care, the term “Golden Hour” refers to the critical 4.5 hours immediately following the onset of stroke symptoms

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Jaggery and its anti-pollution properties

One of the remarkable qualities of jaggery is its positive impact on respiratory health

Stay energised and focused on your career without compromising well-being

8 healthy eating hacks for busy professionals

The demanding schedules, frequent meetings, and tight deadlines can make it challenging to prioritise nutritious eating

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Here's how black pepper can improve your immune system 

Black pepper is a rich source of antioxidants like vitamin C and flavonoids 

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Poetry’s role in raising awareness about mental health

Poetry becomes a guiding light when we may come to a crossroads or a halt- it helps clean the muddy waters and opens our minds to more ways to communicate and carve out life