Easy inner thigh stretches

Fitness instructor Paramvir Singh gives five easy exercises to strengthen abductor muscles near the thigh

“Responsible for stability, working it out regularly will ease muscle tension in the legs and groin, and improve athletic performance,” he says

No-white diet

Say no to everything white, the promises of 'no-white diet'

The hardcore followers of this diet stay away from sugar, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, commercially baked goods and dairy

Musings with Mira Kapoor

Indulge 14th Anniversary Special: Mira Kapoor on yoga, fitness and using home remedies for skin and hair

Apart from her fascinating life as a star wife, Mira Kapoor is becoming increasingly popular on social media for her tips on fitness and reversing PCOS

Sound meditation for sound healing

Integrate natural sounds in yoga to achieve inner peace

Asanas accompanied by soothing sound can help in achieving vitality

5 Minute Yoga App

World Yoga Day special: Five mobile apps to help you learn yoga the right way

Download any of these mobile applications and learn yoga at home

The exteriors of The Bheemili Resort

Resort review: Varun Beach Bheemili Resort in Bheemili is all about luxurious rooms and its wellness centre, The Ayurbay 

Head to Bheemunipatanam’s Varun Beach Bheemili resort for its wellness centre — The Ayurbay and a Japanese fine-dine experience  

Pamper your feet with these easy DIY foot scrubs

Treat yourself to these scrubs that you can make with easily available ingredients

Skinkraft's haircare range

Check out the latest range of Skinkraft’s customised hair care products

Launched in 2018, Skinkraft offers over 200,000 customers with its range of customised skincare products.

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Life coach Shivani Asra shares five simple habits to improve health, longevity:

One of the tips is to learn to accept, which means simply allowing for things to ‘be’ the way they are

There are things you can do to slow down the aging process

Here are some tips to retain the skin’s elasticity and protect the skin

When the skin begins to lose elastin—a protein that helps the skin stretch—it becomes saggy or leathery

Mother’s Day special: Sucheta Pal on founding Mom.Bod.Strong, India’s first postnatal core and pelvic floor rehab

The six-week workout plan has a day-wise exercise regime using 100+ postnatal specialised moves