Sheena Chohan in a still from the music video
Sheena Chohan in a still from the music video 

Sheena Chohan's new music video Marziyan has a heartfelt tale

Dharitri Ganguly

After completing her South film alongside J. D. Chakravarthy and impressing audiences with her acting skills, the versatile actress Sheena Chohan is set to debut in a music video, is starring in the soulful love track Marziyan.

Discussing the message conveyed by the song, Sheena shares, "The song conveys a message about the power of love to heal and bring about spiritual renewal."

The soft melody, which is sung by Shivang Upadhyaya, is sure to touch the right emotional strings in you. The song shows Shivang and Sheena caught in a layered and intense love story.

Sharing about what attracted her to do this music video, she stated: "I was attracted to the intense and layered emotions filled character I play; embodying pure love resonated deeply with me.”

Sheena Chohan

Taking a 360-degree turn, the video showcases the separation of the love birds, which will leave you emotional. Sheena in the song can be seen donning simple looks as she plays an Indian girl and an intense lover.

The two share great chemistry as the love story progresses, but ends up separated because of a mystery which is revealed in the end.

The beautiful song has been sung and directed by Shivang Upadhyay and co-directed by Anshul Vyas.

Sheena has a list of films in the pipeline including a Hindi historical drama Sant Tukaram where she is opposite Subodh Bhave, Bhayaavah, Amar- Prem, a Hollywood sci-fi that she shot in LA and a new Telugu untitled pan India south film!