In frame: iPad Air 13
In frame: iPad Air 13 

Gadgets of the week (May 17 to May 24): IZI Sky Pro Drone, GOVO GoSurround 955, Redmi Pad SE and more

Ashok Pandian

IZI Sky Pro Drone

The IZI Sky Pro is a compact, lightweight and bright 4K drone, which comes with a 20MP camera. Setting up the drone and connecting to a smartphone and app (IZI Skyeye) took me about an hour, but once set up, the Sky Pro is a fun drone. It provides good clear visuals (image and video) and has about 1.5 hours flight time on usage. Features I liked include, a RTH (Return to Home), which is reliable, up to 800m of altitude on flights, 540° viewing, multiple shooting modes and a 1-year warranty.

Price: INR 42,499

GOVO GoSurround 955

GOVO’s new 200W Soundbar is a delight for those looking for big surround-sound whether it’s movies, gaming, OTT or music. The 955 comes with a 5.1 channel setup with a whopping 5.25” subwoofer. Setup is simple and takes only a few minutes, the unit fits well even in compact spaces and comes with a comprehensive remote. Connectivity includes HDMI (ARC), aux, USB and optical as well as BT 5.3 sound quality (with a built in DSP) is good for gaming and OTT with equaliser modes and control for bass, treble and volume. On extensive usage, I feel the 955 is a great value 5.1 system for the price offering better sound than competitors.

Price: INR 6,999

Redmi Pad SE

While there are plenty of quality tabs in the market, Redmi’s PAD SE may just be the right one with both excellent features and excellent pricing to boot. First off, the SE has a 11 inch FHD+ display that’s sharp and vivid (even in sunlight), it also has a 90Hz refresh rate so the page scrolling and images are smooth. A large 8000mAh battery lasts extensively (several days on light usage), while sound is clear and dynamic, thanks to Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos support. The device is also light (478g) and slim (7.36mm) and can be carried easily on trips, holidays etc. A powerful SD 680 SOC keeps everything running smooth with MIUI Pad OS on board. The SE also comes with expandable storage slot, dual cameras and a 3.5mm headphone jack. For me, there’s a lot to like about the Pad SE; I can see children, youngsters and adults finding good use for this device.

Price: INR 12,999

Tag Heuer Kith

The new collection from Tag Heuer in collaboration with Kith revives the original 1986 Tag Heuer F1 series with modern twists. The colourful range comes in 35mm with sapphire crystal glass, rubber strap, 200m water resistance and an accurate Swiss quartz movement. It’s also a limited edition version, so make sure you get yours quickly.

Price: INR 1.3 lakhs

iPad Air 13

The iPad Air goes large with a new 13 inch variant, M2 chip and new colours. The larger Air comes with all day battery life and a landscape 12MP ultra wide front camera as well as a 12mp back camera with smart HDR and 4K, plus support for Apple Pencil pro.

Price: INR 79,900

Loewe x Kylian Mbappe

Loewe in collab with superstar Kylian Mbappe has launched the WE.HEAR Pro BT speaker designed together with Mbappe. The Neon coloured speaker comes with 100 watts of pure audio power and a battery life of over 24 hours. The speaker also provides a separate Bass and treble control and has support for BT 5.3.

Price: INR 32,500

Pixel 8A

Google’s Pixel range of phones offer a premium android experience with a formidable software and hardware package. Their new 8A aims to push the boundaries providing an alternative to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. The durable phone comes with 7 years of updates (feature drops and security) ensuring the phone’s longevity. It also comes with the powerful G3 Tensor chip, camera with Google AI, a 6.1” Actua display with up to 2000 nits of brightness and 120Hz.The phone also sports IP67 resistance and an all-day 4492mAh battery.

Price: INR 52,999