City-based theatre group Govada Creations to present a Telugu play that talks about human desires

Bhootha Kaalam, translating to past tense, holds multiple interpretations with reference to the drama
Cast of the play
Cast of the play

Human greed is a complex and nuanced aspect of human nature that requires careful consideration and reflection. It’s a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that has been the subject of philosophical, psychological, and sociological discussions for centuries. It is an excessive or insatiable desire for more than what is needed or deserved, often leading to selfishness, exploitation, and a disregard for the well-being of others. City-based theatre group Govada Creations’ upcoming play Bhootha Kaalam, originally penned by noted Telugu writer, Diwakarbabu Madabhushi, is aimed at discussing the same. Bhootha Kaalam, translating to past tense, holds multiple interpretations within the drama. It conveys the idea that to lead a better life, one must let go of their past, treating it as a nightmare to be forgotten. Instead, individuals should focus on dreaming and working in the present, leaving their future in the hands of God.

The founder of the group who is also the director of the play, Venkat Govada, says, “God knows what and what not to give us. No matter how many prayers we make, God won’t give us what we ask for when it isn’t supposed to be given.” The drama unfolds at night, following the story of Kamanudu, a young man who, heartbroken and failed in love, contemplates suicide. As he attempts to end his life, he encounters a ghost who offers to grant his wishes. Kamanudu asks for the return of his lost love, and the ghost obliges. However, he soon discovers that his beloved is involved with another man. Driven by rage, Kamanudu kills them both. As he prepares to end his life once more, the ghost intervenes, preventing his death. The ghost then grants Kamanudu’s wishes again, but the outcomes are not as expected. In the end, he realises that he is content with what he has and makes peace with his circumstances. Venkat emphasises the significance of presenting such stories to the audience through various mediums. Reflecting on the Telugu theatre landscape, he elaborates, “I believe there’s a wealth of untapped potential in Telugu theatre. It’s a unique treasure trove in itself. The trajectory of Telugu theatre has evolved from amateur to professional, and now, the focus is on transforming it into commercial theatre.”Venkat, passionate about theatre as an art form, believes that it is a profound medium, ideal for conveying important stories. He stresses the beauty of theatre scripts, which often aim to impart valuable life lessons and contribute to societal progress. According to him, theatre serves as a platform for meaningful narratives that resonate with audiences and inspire reflection. The play will incorporate dynamic lighting and sound effects as needed to enhance the overall experience. The actors will be meticulously costumed and made up to ensure clear differentiation between characters. The director restates the importance of these theatrical elements, which collectively contribute to a more compelling and impactful storytelling experience.

Tickets at Rs 99. March 1. 6 pm.

At Ravindra Bharathi, Lakdikapul.

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