Anagha M


Equal parts North and South Indian, Anagha currently lives in Bengaluru. Behind her glasses and uneven fringe, she writes about music, food, culture, books and movies. Though a travel-bug at heart, she can mostly be found be at home with a frayed paperback, a large mug of tea and some light jazz. This hippie-at-heart wishes she was born in the \'60s. She spends far too much time on the internet than is healthy and considers this piece about herself to be the most difficult one she has had to write.

House of Seitan in Indiranagar is a must try for vegans and here's why

This diner is the only one in the country to design a whole menu, with burgers, sandwiches and salads, around the meat substitute, seitan 

15 hours ago

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists receives vintage books from late cartoonist, Bapu’s private collection

The collection of Punch and Mad magazines, as well as compilations of works by famous cartoonists, is available for display at the library 

15 hours ago

Metal band Orchid questions today's socio-political climate in their new album, Miasma

“They’re all pretty much diss tracks,” says vocalist Kaushal about the songs, which explore themes from godmen to toxic corporate culture

11 Jan 2019

Founder Ishaan Puri tells us what goes behind the making of a White Rhino beer

The brand comes to Bengaluru with lagers, IPA and wits brewed with premium ingredients

10 Jan 2019

The Dine X Design Crawl brings together food and interiors like never before 

The Koramangala edition of this event showcases the best of design and interiors in some of the area's popular restaurants 

10 Jan 2019

Listen to Lost Stories’ take on the Gully Boy rap by Ranveer Singh

We speak to Rishab Joshi about how the song came about

07 Jan 2019

Here’s what to expect from the new Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters in Bengaluru 

The roastery opens its doors in the city, in a quaint bungalow in Koramangala

03 Jan 2019

Grammy-winner Jesse Harris on his new album inspired by Lisbon 

The American singer-songwriter talks to us during his India tour 

03 Jan 2019

1441 Pizzeria is a must-try for authentic Italian thin crust pizzas   

The new pizzeria in JP Nagar boasts wood-fired pizzas and gourmet toppings 

27 Dec 2018

Afro post punk band, No Metal In This Battle, break down their music for us

We catch up with this Luxembourg-based band on their India tour

13 Dec 2018

In conversation with Javed Murad, the man behind The White Owl brewery

White Owl launches its bottled cider and canned beers in Bengaluru  

13 Dec 2018

Here’s what Sarjapur Social is all about 

The newest Social in Bengaluru impresses with its opulent interiors and innovative nibbles and cocktails

10 Dec 2018

The Max Clouth Clan talks to us about the album Kamaloka

The band will also debut their new single in Bengaluru, Lucifer Rising / Surrender To What Is

10 Dec 2018

We speak to three Bengaluru-based artistes, who are set to perform at Magnetic Fields 2018

The festival takes place at the Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan 

06 Dec 2018

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