Anjani Chadha

Documentary capturing experiences to raise autism awareness

This filmmaker delves into the lives of children with autism through a documentary featuring interviews with their parents 

17 May 2022

Can’t help butt recycle, Code Effort deals with toxic cigarette waste

Naman Gupta (27) from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, recalls that, during his childhood and adolescent years, it was common to see people smoking a cigarette

16 May 2022

Old methods, new moments: Sarang Sena creates unique images through a 170-year-old photography technique

This visual artist creates unique images through a 170-year-old photography technique 

12 May 2022

Visual artist and filmmaker Rahee Punyashloka talks about a call for resistance through art

Art, for long, has been used as a medium of social change and resistance throughout the world

09 May 2022

Delhi's weather fluctuations get creative responses

While it is mostly policymakers who have the solutions to these issues, artists from around the world have made it a point to draw attention towards this impending catastrophe through their works

05 May 2022

Shaking things up through art

From outdoor installations to NFTs, the 13th edition of India Art Fair paves way for a more inclusive art world through exhibitions, workshops, and more

29 Apr 2022

Eternalising family tales in books

In December, 1919, the Indian National Congress held its 34th Session in Amritsar, Punjab, to convey solidarity with the civilians killed and wounded in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre

29 Apr 2022

Gita Balakrishnan is one of the many voices propagating Architectural Social Responsibility

This architect walked 1,700km across seven states to educate people about the impact of design in daily lives

26 Apr 2022

Relishing authentic ‘Old Delhi’ flavours

As people waited for the announcement that alerts them about timings, the bylanes of Old Delhi, often considered a foodie’s haven, came alive filled with stalls featuring delicacies to binge on once i

26 Apr 2022

Art of Story Telling exhibition looks at the role art can play in the life of an ordinary individual

Curated by mother-daughter duo Sareena Kochar and Avantika Kochar, this exhibition looked at the role art can play in the life of an ordinary individual in responding to various external impulses

25 Apr 2022

An illuminating view of the past 

We visit one of the city’s iconic 16th Century heritage parks to witness its beauty after dark

18 Apr 2022

Exploring the nuances of French culture

Over the course of the next two months, citizens will have a special chance to explore French culture through a wide array of events and exhibitions on gastronomy, literature, photography and more

13 Apr 2022

Peep into your pet’s mind

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Meet the animal whisperers, who use telepathy to give you insight into the deepest thoughts of your four-legged friends

12 Apr 2022

Musician Abhishek Sekhri talks about his latest track Dilli

In this week’s Soundscape, the Sukhdev Vihar-based artist talks about the process of making Dilli.

08 Apr 2022

A brigade of unexpected friends are promoting mental health awareness

A group of volunteers are now engaging in heart-to-heart conversations with strangers on the streets of Delhi to promote mental health awareness

07 Apr 2022

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