Deepika Rathod

This miracle ingredient helps with everything from bone health to healthy blood pressure levels

Here's why you need to add more sesame seeds to your diet

20 Jan 2021

Wellness: Here's why you need to make garlic your best friend

A good amount of garlic in your diet can prevent you from high blood pressure and boost your immunity

18 Jan 2021

Wellness: A quick guide to the hormones that keep you in a good mood

Give your serotonin levels a boost to improve your overall well-being

06 Jan 2021

Partying all night long? Here are some antioxidant foods to reduce the appearance of dark circles

Strawberry, pomegranate, grape and cucumber are some of the foods on the list

23 Dec 2020

Here's why you need to make a good night's sleep your top priority

Sleep deprivation can lead to compromised immunity in a myriad of ways

16 Dec 2020

Six types of winter foods that are a mandate in your kitchen

In the colder months, opting for seasonal foods that take longer to digest can make us feel warm and cosy

09 Dec 2020

These foods will help your body naturally flush out toxins

Amla, lemon and greens are some of the key items to add to your list

02 Dec 2020

Here are all the reasons why you need to avoid processed sugar

This World Diabetes Month, let’s understand what white processed sugar does to our body, besides increasing sugar levels.

25 Nov 2020

Here is a list of foods to help detox and hydrate your skin

Amla, aloe vera juice, salmon and cod liver oil are a few you can start off with

25 Nov 2020

Here's a healthy guide to a festive detox after all that Diwali feasting

Detoxification of our body is essential to take the pressure off organs in our bodies 

12 Nov 2020

Ab exercises will offer you a fit stomach is a myth!

Here is what to do instead

25 Nov 2020

Here's a list of myths about exercise that you probably thought were true

The first step to getting fit is getting your facts right

30 Oct 2020

Here are some superfoods that can help you breathe easy

Some of the names on our list include turmeric, peppermint and ajwain seeds

30 Oct 2020

Here are nine reasons to add jaggery to your diet, pronto!

This Indian superfood helps with everything from blood purification to menstrual cramps

14 Oct 2020

Wellness: The gooseberry is a superfood that helps with everything from bad breath to preventing  tumours

Here is a list of ways to use this ingredient to improve your skin, hair and health

08 Oct 2020

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