Deepika Rathod

Here’s why you need to ensure sunflower seeds are part of your daily diet!

This humble nutty treat packs in several health benefits beyond it being a healthy source of good nutrition

12 Aug 2022

Here are the best ways to avoid acidity, altogether!

Easy lifestyle habit swaps to say goodbye to those uncomfortable acidity issues

04 Aug 2022

Liver care is of the utmost importance and here’s how a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables can help

Cruciferous vegetables contain the miraculous sulforaphanes that help with the overall health of the body, the liver included

04 Aug 2022

Actively work towards disease-free living by turning around simple everyday habits

Just following these simple steps in our daily routine can ensure a healthier life

22 Jul 2022

Brain health is as important as the health of any other part of the body, as we find out:

How do we care for the brain — the one organ that works 24/7 and yet gets the least attention from us?

14 Jul 2022

Here’s what not to eat while undergoing cancer treatments and why those foods can be really bad for you!

They say foods can heal, but they can also harm. Here’s the list of foods to eat and to avoid if you’re ailing from cancer and the reasons behind this selection…

08 Jul 2022

Fruits can be the best source of good nutrition, if eaten in the right season and at the right time

There’s a reason why our parents told us to eat our fruits. But, there’s also a right way and right time to eat them, as we find out…

01 Jul 2022

Moving about, all day long, can be very good for you!

A sedentary lifestyle can be challenged by simple exercises through the day, and it isn’t too hard, as we find out…

23 Jun 2022

You can lose weight by sleeping well, we kid you not!

It sounds too easy to be true, but a good sleep cycle might be the easiest way for you to aid your body in a weight loss journey

21 Jun 2022

Proper breathing can help you deal with stress in daily life!

Most stress can be combated by developing good breathing techniques

21 Jun 2022

Feeling lethargic and cramps in the lower limb? This mineral is the answer to all your health problems

This plays a very important role in our overall well-being. Supplement your diet with all the magnesium you need, naturally

01 Jun 2022

Flatulence: Causes, remedies, and complications

Flatulence can be a huge problem for people who suffer from it and it happens to all of us

01 Jun 2022

Here's all you need to know to keep your heart health in check

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, meditation and hydration can also help protect the heart, improve blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

01 Jun 2022

Here’s how one cup of tea a day can help you improve your immunity

Drinking tea can have a positive impact on your wellness but moderation is the key to enjoy maximum benefits

04 May 2022

Beat the heat with thesee simple homemade drinks 

We can find these ingredients in our kitchen itself and if we start using them daily, we will never go back to aerated drinks.

27 Apr 2022

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