Deepika Rathod

Eat seasonal: Breadfruit is rich in nutrients which are essential for the body, skin and hair

It also contains a fairly large quantity of thiamine or Vitamin B1. Thiamine helps maintain muscle tone along the walls of the digestive tract, where the majority of the immunity is located

27 May 2020

Maintaining a good platelet count is essential in helping your body deal with injuries in the best way possible

Here is a list of food choices to improve your platelet count

27 May 2020

Wellness: Foods and habits to keep your energy levels up during this lockdown

Tips to stay in overall good health during these tough times

13 May 2020

The pros and cons of caffeine, and why you need to pay close attention with every sip

Caffeine blocks the calming chemical in the brain, which leads to an increase of stress hormones

12 May 2020

Wellness: Eight superfoods to cleanse and enhance your liver health

What you need to put on your shopping list today

29 Apr 2020

Here is why argan oil is an absolute essential for your skincare routine

It is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acid content, which is an ideal product to give the skin a natural boost.

01 Apr 2020

On World Tuberculosis Day, focus on boosting your immunity and raising awareness

Precautions and tips on how to keep your body in the pink of health

24 Mar 2020

Wellness: What to eat to boost your personal immunity levels amidst coronavirus concerns   

Garlic, ginger and onions are three vegetables that come loaded with antioxidant properties

17 Mar 2020

Wellness: Eating a rainbow spectrum of fruits and vegetables is the key to better immunity

Colourful plates aren’t just appealing, they are healthy

13 Mar 2020

Wellness: How to reach your ideal weight with a dedicated self care routine

The most effective way to lose those extra pounds is with a healthy mind and body and sound sleep

10 Mar 2020

A simple and easy guide to get back into shape after childbirth

If you push yourself too hard in the beginning, you can actually be setting yourself back from real 

27 Feb 2020

Wellness: Eight tips to incorporate into your daily routine for a healthy gut

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising frequently will reduce your risk of getting complicated diseases

14 Feb 2020

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