Noor Anand Chawla

Staying true to the source

Delhi-based actor, director and theatre coach Vidushi Mehra, who is presenting Harold Pinter’s 'Betrayal' in Mumbai this week, was fascinated by the universality of its theme

05 Mar 2023

Hide and seek in the Metaverse

Artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra through their recent works raise existential questions on nature and the digital world

26 Feb 2023

Dance therapist Sohini Roychowdhury hopes to spread awareness on Indian great cultural traditions

... With her recent book, Indian Stage Stories: Connecting Civilization - A Telling of the Story of the Indian Stage and How it Connects to the World

08 Jan 2023

Kathak dancer Shivani Varma repurposes the dance form as commercial art to take it to less-rigorous watchers

Indian classical art forms such as dance and music, according to purists, are for traditionalists who can understand and appreciate the nuances, which the 36-year-old is now changing

13 Nov 2022

House of Kotwara's new wedding collection is every elegant bride’s dream

The new bridal collection from the House of Kotwara led balances the fine line between traditional crafts and modern silhouettes

06 Nov 2022

The Sway of Her Jainsem: Shillong fashion label DSEFH marks a decade of modernising age-old clothing styles

‘We believe sustainability of the weavers’ profession is directly proportional to conserving their indigenous lifestyle,’ says DSEFH co-founders

30 Oct 2022

Diwali for Zoomers: Lighting up the heart of festivity

Gen Z is taking India’s light fest into the Insta age with maverick memes, conscious designs, replacement delicacies, and gifts with an edge

23 Oct 2022

Rehab for the Mind: Ekaanta - Mindversity on the Ganges

An exclusive spiritual retreat on the Ganges offers customised courses to successfully address anxiety overload, overt stress, burnout and other contemporary lifestyle issues

16 Oct 2022

A new view: Sarita Handa’s new home store and products in Japandi minimalism

The first thing that strikes you upon entering is a minimalist vibe quite uncharacteristic of the designer’s signature style

25 Sep 2022

'Livin’ on a Prayer': Thomson Andrews on singing Sanskrit shlokas in Brahmastra

RnB Funk Neo Soul singer and British-Indian musician Thomson Andrews' latest claim to fame is singing Sanskrit shlokas in Brahmastra

18 Sep 2022

United in creation: Tamana NGO x FDCI’s fashion event's inherent inclusive medium

Focussing on khadi and handloom fabrics, their creations stayed within the confines of muted colours like maroon, bottled green, turmeric yellow, indigo and white

18 Sep 2022

Meet the Delhiites keeping culture alive through dance, music and passion

A group of culturally passionate Delhiwallas that came into its own in a basement years ago is now bringing music and dance to audiences that appreciate India’s rich aesthetic heritage

18 Sep 2022

Jogen Chowdhury's painting 'Partition' tries to brush away the past chaos

Five recent works of Jogen Chowdhury, currently on display in the Capital, focus on migration, memories of Partition, and the pandemic

12 Sep 2022

Paris Haute Couture Week 2022: Back to the future

Through biocouture, international fashion houses use bacteria and other living materials to make fabric, furthering the global goal of attaining sustainable fashion

21 Aug 2022

A cut above the rest: Inside India's new couture trends

After battling pandemic desolation for three years, couture is back with a vengeance, celebrating life, honouring heritage, and taking weddings and occasions to the next stage of opulence

07 Aug 2022

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