Rachel Dammala

Interview: ‘I am happy to still be relevant in cinema’, says veteran actor Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj talks about his upcoming series "Mukhbir- The Story of a Spy", his directorial plans, taking the OTT plunge, and his dream project

03 Nov 2022

Say ‘I do’ against the perfect backdrop

The boutique resort serves customised menus, from authentic Kerala sadya to more modern cuisines

15 Sep 2022

Nutrition for your needs: Clean eating habits adds to healthy life

On the occasion of National Nutrition Week, experts point out common mistakes we make when chalking out a diet plan — same diet for years and no good sleep pattern

22 Feb 2023

Making art come alive: Textile designer Praniti Nagarmat speaks about her journey and future aspirations

A tie-dye enthusiast in the city is making the most of the trend by preserving memories into fabrics with roses, marigolds, hibiscus, onion skins, and more! 

25 Aug 2022

Food festivals are a rage in Hyderabad and here's what the chefs have to say

Decoding the latest trend of restaurants welcoming and collaborating with chefs from outside the state and even the country, to introduce different palates to foodies, all for a limited period 

30 Jul 2022

Hyderabad's Adarsh Kandika talks about all things woodball, science, society service and solutions

From bravely taking up a not-so-popular sport for the love of it, to acing it and making the country proud, Hyderabad’s prodigy Adarsh Kandika was born for more than just woodball

16 Jun 2022

Hyderabad: Summer calls for comfortable footwear

So rain or shine, pairing the right kind of footwear is important — not just to look fashionably right but also feel comfortable

17 May 2022

Dip in Hyderabad's colour pool this summer

Summer is one season that many look forward to, to try out a new look

03 May 2022

Choreographer Shazeb Sheikh speaks about what dance means to him and his journey to stardom

Creative freedom and creative space are two absolutes that drive me. I would, any day, trade pressure for excitement Shazeb Sheikh, dancerchoreographer  

28 Apr 2022

The Gentleman’s Club aka TAPE comes to Hyderabad for the first time

‘Devising’ a perfect plot    

21 Apr 2022

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