Tunir Biswas

Dravid bats for equal attention to sports and education

Raised and trained in Bengaluru for most of his growing-up years, Dravid feels the city is progressive when it comes to incorporating athletic development 

24 Jan 2023

50th anniversary tour of the fusion band Shakti starts on January 20

Founding members John McLaughlin speaks about the 50th anniversary tour of the fusion band Shakti, the group's legacy and its music

11 Jan 2023

City-based fashion designers and stylists talk about the return of a popular '80s trend in men's groom wear and some newly-added elements

Designer Ramesh Dembla shares that men are donning everything bling from the jackets to the chains and necklaces

26 Nov 2022

Australian comedians Dane Simpson and Alex Ward talk about performing standup in India 

Ward believes that even though standup is in its developing stage in India, Internet has helped the audience get well-versed with it

24 Nov 2022

Joi Barua gives a sneak peek into his Bangalore concert 

I had a great time performing for this crowd. There were people with different interests who speak different languages, he shares

17 Nov 2022

Documenting the undocumented

Historian Vikram Sampath’s new book Bravehearts of Bharat brings alive the tale of 15 Indian heroes who have gone missing from our country’s history pages

15 Nov 2022

A life in polity

My Life in Indian Politics is co-authored by Mohsina and journalist Rasheed Kidwai.

08 Nov 2022

Comedian-actor Shraddha Jain on her experience of acting in the recently released film Doctor G 

Jain believes she was able to be a lot more free on the movie set than she is when she makes her videos.

01 Nov 2022

India: Chapter 35

In random sittings with various people, we’ve all heard someone say that certain jobs come from within. For renowned newsman and author TJS George, journalism lies in his bones.

29 Oct 2022