Vikas Datta

A big man-made problem: Masculinity and what to do about it

Author Grayson Perry says in The Descent of Man musculinity needs to be questioned but the first step is creating awareness of the problem – or rather, creating awareness that there is a problem.

07 Nov 2017

Uncommon Type: Tom Hanks' unpredictable collection of human stories

Known for frequently essaying ordinary, likable and good-natured characters facing extraordinary situations in his films, Tom Hanks brings the same aspect to his story-telling.

30 Oct 2017

Weak dieting intentions to constant phone-gazing: The psychological basis

Author Sarah Tomley shows "how the theories of some of the world's leading psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and psychologists can be applied to everyday problems".

12 Oct 2017

Unwritten futures: Fictional characters who deserve more outings

Was Phineas Fogg content with his routine lifestyle after his round-the-world trip?

08 Oct 2017

The cold, brutal world of Cold War espionage and its hard legacy

Le Carre's latest work is again a taut account of the amorality, split-section decisions and deception this line of business requires in its successful practitioners.

02 Oct 2017

Tribute: Tom Alter, a greater actor than the dependable ''firang"

Tom Alter was drawn to Bollywood after seeing Rajesh Khanna in Aradhana and moved from playing 'firangs' to also portray a gamut of Indian historical and cultural icons.

01 Oct 2017

Naked Came the Stranger: Steamy sex spoof to literary subterfuge

"Murder is a crime. Describing murder is not. Sex is not a crime. Describing sex is," American critic Gershon Legman advised writers. 

24 Sep 2017

Creating the onscreen 007 we loved: Guy Hamilton's Bond legacy 

Our fascination with James Bond much rests on the films for they convey more of a vivid and immediate impression of him and his world than the Ian Fleming novels.

16 Sep 2017

Tackling terror, battling betrayal: A British politician's fate

How effective could you be against a backdrop of budgetary cutbacks, political intrigue and a sensationalist media ready to pounce on any lapse?

30 Aug 2017

Desert warrior, ignored prophet: Lawrence of Arabia's life, legend and legacy

As the entire Middle East is in greater turmoil than ever before, we should remember T.E. Lawrence, whose 129th birth anniversary was on August 17.

21 Aug 2017

Judging books by their names, a trip through tantalising titles

While an indirect, rather fanciful title is now the norm, even among them, some have an edge in captivating readers.

15 Aug 2017

30 Second Thrillers: Short screen stories that influenced India

Sridhar, alias "Pops", who has had a long and fruitful innings in the ad industry from a start as a painter of Bollywood hoardings.

08 Aug 2017

Review: Murder, sex and intrigue in medieval, magical Prague

The past is a foreign country: They do things differently there, a British author once said -- he might have been talking about historical whodunnits abroad.

30 Jul 2017

Bookends: Hosting humour in history, an epic British 'textbook'

The last place possibly expected to yield humour is history.

30 Jul 2017

Searching for ecstasy across a spectrum of transcendence 

A peaceful, absorbed or transcendent state of mind has significance beyond a pleasent diversion contends philosopher Jules Evans in his book. 

13 Jun 2017

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