Sayani Gupta's travel diaries: 'I love forests and I prefer travelling solo'

Owing to her work and personal interest in travelling, the actress has been to many beautiful destinations across the world
Sayani Gupta in Vienna. Image courtesy: Sayani's Instagram
Sayani Gupta in Vienna. Image courtesy: Sayani's Instagram

Actress Sayani Gupta who is known for her roles in recent web series such as Inside Edge and Four More Shots Please, is quite a seasoned traveller. Just a cursory look at her Instagram page and you'll discover that Sayani has travelled to quite a few places across the globe. Owing to her work and personal interest in travelling, the actress has been to many beautiful destinations. 

As one of the patrons of Airbnb, Sayani has also experienced staying at some of the best homes curated by the travel company. In an interview with Indulge she tells us more about her travel experiences. Excerpts:

You've travelled so much across the globe, but which have been your most memorable travel experiences so far?
I've had many memorable ones actually. Recently, I went to Europe and Airbnb put me up in some really amazing properties. One of which was in Prague, and it was a stunning, gorgeous house. It was really cold in Europe, so it was such a pleasant time to be there. All the houses where I stayed have had little balconies, which was just beautiful and you could see the tram going by. Even the house in Vienna was really cozy. I also loved the house I stayed in at Thailand. It was in Koh Samui and it was just stunning. 

What are the travel essentials that you absolutely need your handbag?
My phone, sanitizer, wallet with my cards and ID cards, phone charger, a mask and a hand cream.

Tell us about your favorite cities in India. The ones you have traveled to.
My favorite places to travel to are Kashmir and Leh. I'm not really city person in India. I feel you actually get to see the real India in smaller towns. However, I love Jaisalmer, I love going to Rajasthan. I've been everywhere so I don't really know which is my favorite city, apart from Calcutta. Delhi used to be one of my favourites for the lovely roads and yummy food. 

Internationally which countries have you visited? Which out of those were the most memorable and why? 
Well, I can't really list out all the countries but thankfully by God's grace, I have visited many. Most memorable for me is Austria which is just beautiful. I think Thailand is also one of my most favorite countries. I didn't think I would love Thailand so much, but I do and it's just beautiful. The moment you go out of Bangkok it's just stunning

Are you a beach person or a hill person and why? 
I'm actually a forest person. I love being around trees.

Are you a solo traveler or do you prefer traveling with both friends and family? 
I love being a solo traveler. I think travel is just incredible and it's a very different experience when you're alone you get to meet new people wherever you go. You can have more conversations and I just love being alone when I travel.  So, I definitely prefer being solo, or maybe just with one friend. I travel a lot with my girlfriends as well. We went to Egypt  which is also a beautiful country. Then I visited Europe and one of my girlfriends had come with me. Then I travelled to Western Vienna, alone. So yeah, even if I am with other people, a part of the travel has to be alone.

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