Cat walks down the ramp in Istanbul

Hilarious video of a cat walking the ramp in Istanbul has gone viral; leaves the Internet in splits 

The video of the fashion show held in Istanbul shows a white cat randomly sit on the ramp licking its paws before walking down the ramp.


Climate change may lead to beer shortage, shows study

Beer is on the verge of running short because of global warming and climate change

The admit card with the picture of Amitabh Bachchan on it.

Uttar Pradesh student gets examination admit card with Amitabh Bachchan’s picture on it

The bizarre situation has left the student worried as he may receive the marksheet with the wrong picture upon completion of the exam. 

Girls can hire the boyfriend for movie, lunch date or even dinner.

Mumbai-based app allows you to ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ to cure depression, can choose from models to commoners

The application has been developed by 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who insists that the meetings will be purely platonic and will not be sexual encounters with the person.

People in China skip breakfast due to limited time in the morning, survey shows

"Limited time in the morning" ranked as the top reason for not eating breakfast, with 49 percent. While 17 percent said they "have no appetite in the morning" or "are not used to having breakfast".  

Rio de Janeiro bar offers free shots every time Neymar falls down

World Cup 2018: Rio de Janeiro bar offers free shots every time Neymar falls down as Brazil play Serbia tonight

The rule of the game is that they will serve free shots to everyone every time Brazil’s star player Neymar falls down during their World Cup group game against Serbia on Wednesday.