Tork Motors Kratos and Kratos-R electric motorcycles are 100 percent equipped for the Indian terrain

Tork Motors has launched the state-of-the-art Kratos and Kratos-R electric motorcycles in India
Kratos by Tork
Kratos by Tork

Tork Motors, India’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer is finally out with their much-hyped e-motorcycles, namely the Kratos and the Kratos-R. Both bikes boast of being 100 per cent Indian with everything from design, engineering and testing having been done here.

Further to that, Tork Motors has tested the bikes on the racetrack to ensure that they deliver the same adrenaline rush that one would expect from such a bike. Powering the bikes is the Axial Flux motor that comes along with the proprietary 4kWh Tork Liion battery pack which ensures you get some solid juice which translates to the robust performance that these bikes offer.

The water-resistant battery pack can deal with up to one meter of water keeping in mind Indian riding conditions — especially during the monsoons. The bikes boast of a split trellis frame made from high strength steel. The compact yet sleek design matches the ethos of these bikes, as they have been built as EV performance machines.

As far as features are concerned, the Kratos bikes get multi-drive mode, reverse mode, front storage box, battery indicator, safe home feature, crash alert and anti-theft system, amongst others. The bikes are touted to offer a max speed of 105 km/h and a range of 120 km on a single charge.

On that note, charging is touted to be rather easy for the bike and Tork is also in the process of setting up their own charging network called T-NET. Customers can access the T-NET for no charge for two years which definitely adds to the overall value proposition.

The Kratos is priced at `1.07 lakh, while the KratosR will retail for INR 1.22 lakh.

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