Yezdi is back with three new bikes: The Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster!

From long distance rides to everyday fun and classic vibes — these three new Yezdi models have us smitten

author_img Vikram Gour Published :  22nd January 2022 06:19 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd January 2022 06:19 PM

The Yezdi Scrambler

Sold through Classic Legends in India, Yezdi is back with three models, namely the Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster.

Yezdi Adventure

Yezdi Adventure

The Adventure sports that goanywhere attitude and is built for long distance riding. The bike boasts of comfortable ergonomics, a high placed mudguard and knuckle guards, as well as a chassis mounted front cage for added protection. The bike also comes with a host of mounting hooks for strapping on luggage which fits its adventure aura.

Powering the Yezdi Adventure is a liquid-cooled, fuel injected, DOHC single cylinder engine displacing 334cc. It produces 30.2PS of power and 29.9Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a six-speed constant mesh transmission. Built on an all-new chassis, with a mono-shock swing arm at the rear and a long travel front telescopic fork suspension set up, the bike also boasts of three switchable modes — Rain, Road, and Off Road to allow for maximum control in varied riding conditions.

The Adventure comes with USB charging capability and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure the user’s smartphone is utilised throughout the ride.

INR 2,09,900 onwards.

Yezdi Scrambler

Yezdi Scrambler

The Yezdi Scrambler has been designed as a bike for everyday fun. It gets a classic round tank, tucked in headlamp with an offset speedo pod, an upright handlebar position and twin exhausts that sure look great! The headlamp, taillamps and blinkers are all equipped with LED tech while the digital speedometer has several features that make it a much more equipped and relevant riding experience. The engine on the Scrambler produces 29.1PSof peak power and 28.2Nm of torque. You get a flat torque curve which allows for a nice spread across the rev range. The bike boasts of a short wheelbase that enables better handling and you also get three riding modes like the Adventure model.

INR 2,04,900 onwards.

Yezdi Roadster

Yezdi Roadster

The Yezdi Roadster is your retro machine that has a nice muscular look to it. The classic styling is perfectly married to modern touches and this gives the bike an elegant silhouette and a planted character. Key design elements include the split seats, compact headlamp, alloy wheels and chopped fenders which add to its beefy looks. There is a digital speedometer at the head of the motorcycle while the headlamps and the indicators are LED for better illumination of the road ahead. Sporting a similar engine capacity and transmission as the scrambler, the Roadster delivers a peak power of 29.7PS and peak torque of 29Nm.

INR 1,98,142 onwards.

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