Nissan’s breakthrough in intelligent mobility allows cars to learn from drivers!

author_img Manu Gour Published :  12th January 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th January 2018 06:00 AM


The future of driving involves intelligent vehicles that can make choices for themselves. Throwing the doors open on that front is Nissan with their ‘Brain-to-Vehicle’ tech which enables vehicles to interpret signals from the driver’s brain thus allowing for faster reaction times which will then allow the cars to continuously adapt and offer a more enjoyable yet safe driving experience.

It is intelligent mobility at its best and this breakthrough mechanics from the brand is capable of doing a number of actions. For example, by catching signs from the brain that the person is about to initiate a movement such as turning the steering wheel or stepping on the accelerator, the driver-assist tech on board can immediately act upon the signal and thus improve reaction times. This is particularly important when the driver acts in an emergency situation as the faster reaction times can help mitigate risk. ‘Brain-to-Vehicle’ can also detect driver discomfort and thus allow the car to react accordingly as well. 

According to the Japanese carmaker, this application has other uses as well including adjusting the vehicle’s internal environment. An example given on this front is that this applied science can use augmented reality to adjust what the driver sees and create a more relaxing driving environment!

This technology is a world-first and Nissan is still researching the potential it has and how it will invariably play a vital role in future products as the automotive world moves towards autonomous driving.