'Silly, disrespectful': Max Verstappen hits back at Lewis Hamilton after Mexican GP

Max Verstappen hits back at Lewis Hamilton's comments on giving extra space on track

author_img V Melvin Published :  01st November 2019 06:07 PM   |   Published :   |  01st November 2019 06:07 PM


From unsafe driving under a yellow flag during qualifying and suffering a puncture on turn one and two, Max Verstappen has had a bad race in Mexico. 

Adding to it was the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton's comments, mentioning that he gave extra room to him has stirred the Dutchman. 

Now he has hit back at rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel from Mercedes and Ferrari respectively. He also stated that what Lewis said was "silly" and "disrespectful". 

The duo had clashed on the opening lap of the Mexican Grand Prix and while Lewis recovered to win the race while Max went on to collect a puncture in a failed attempt to pass Valtteri Bottas. 

Verstappen said he had been "torpedoed" by Hamilton. "Looking at Turns One and Two in Mexico, I don't think that happened. I think, from my side, it is a bit of a silly comment to make because I think I always race hard, but fair, and I think it is just not correct. 

"Of course, it's easy to have a dig at someone, but from my side, it's fine. It's always positive when someone talks about you because it means you are in their head," he added.