Bhoomi Habba 2019 brings our water crisis to the fore

The festival by Visthar, through music, food, films, exhibitions and workshops, furthers the cause of a sustainable environment

Anagha M Published :  07th June 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th June 2019 12:00 AM

A performance by Visthar Ranga Shale

THE ORGANISATION VISTHAR aims to build just, democratic and sustainable communities. One of
their most popular endeavours for this is the Bhoomi Habba, a festival that through music, food, films, exhibitions and workshops, furthers the cause of a sustainable environment. This weekend, the festival, now in its 13th edition, returns with a focus on our ongoing water problems.

The fest starts with a performance by Visthar Ranga Shale, (the group’s theatre troupe) that will showcase the city’s water crisis and a production of Under Pressure, a play about climate change. Along with this, one of the highlights of the event is a talk by renowned environmentalists Ashish Kothari and Kshitij Urs on themes of water and alternative futures.

Of course, any habba is incomplete without the food stalls. At Bhoomi Habba expect organic produce and food from various brands such as Black Baza Coffee, Safe Harvest and Mooss Honey. Prem Kurian Philip from Unifield will be sourcing his produce from a village called Oddanchatram near Dindigul, that was badly affected by the Cyclone Gaja. “We will bring seasonal fruits and vegetables from this area and help the farmers of the region get back on their feet,” he says.

Through the day, guests can attend a host of workshops on informative topics such as recycled paper crafts, chemical-free living, making your own sanitary napkins and cooking with millets. “While the theme of water conservation will run through the festival, that’s not our only concern. The message we want to put out is that the earth is our common heritage and we have taken too much from it without replenishing the resources,” David Selvaraj, founder and director signs off.

Rs. 40. June 8,10 am. At Kothanur