Electronica producer MojoJojo on releasing new music amid a lockdown

How is the underground music scene coping with the current crisis? Electronica sensation MojoJojo, who just released a new track amid the isolation, helps us understand:      

author_img   |   Published :   |  10th April 2020 01:00 AM

Quarantine hasn't affected MojoJojo's process all that much

The independent music industry never really took a pause even when calamity hit us. Performers and music producers have been consistently trying to stay close to their craft by streaming their work, connecting with fans virtually and through online shows. “Quarantine hasn't changed my work process too much. I work from home by default, from my home studio. I'm just using this time to put out as much music on my YouTube channel as possible because I know people are consuming more content online and art is the only thing that is getting people through, emotionally and mentally,” says Delhi-based music producer MojoJojo who just released a stunning lo-fi track Maahi

We catch up with the artiste to delve deeper into a quarantined creator’s process:

Tell us about your new track Maahi...

A week into the lockdown, I started feeling the isolation and decided to work on something wildly different to my usual sound. I wanted to make something which would be ideal for this quarantine, something mellow and soulful that makes one feel at peace. 

Once I started working on this, I realized this was going to be a Lo-fi track, a genre which best captures all those sentiments. Within a week of intense jamming, the track was done and I released it 8 days from conception. 

How would you define your sound?

At the heart of it, I blend various forms of Indian Folk, Indian Pop with several genres like Trap, Future Bass, Moombahton, Hip Hop and now, Lo-Fi. I think it's become more mature and effusive over the years and I don't focus on sticking to a genre. 

How has the lockdown affected your process? 

I had a pretty solid looking calendar for March and April. Of course, everything got canned. The outlook for the coming few quarters is also bleak owing to the current situation. As for my process, I'm working on several different tracks at the same time, depending on my mood or my projects. This lockdown has really given me an opportunity to reflect and try to put more heart into my music.

Do you enjoy the underground music scene in the country?

On most days. People have a far easier time connecting with the music they want to hear because of social media and that's fantastic. Plus, most Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities have amazing live scenes where fans can connect with the artists they like but then again the flip side is having to run everything yourself, without the support or the machinery that the mainstream industry has. 

"I think my sound has become more mature and effusive over the years and I don't focus on sticking to a genre," MojoJojo reveals.

Also, times like these make it harder because you have to completely re-calibrate. Because the underground, non-Bollywood music industry will face extremely tough times. (But) I do think if you're a musician and want to be heard, there's no better time because everyone has so much agency and opportunity in this digital age.