This four-week interactive reading group program should be on every bookworm’s quarantine radar 

Pen Paper Dreams is hosting the best quarantine program
Fancy joining a reading program?
Fancy joining a reading program?

There’s no better way to navigate your quarantine than signing up for a virtual reading group. So if you're a bookworm with some free time you need to check out this reading group program by Pen Paper Dreams. Founded by singer and filmmaker Amanda Sodhi Pen Paper Dreams is a creative community which has consistently been bringing people together through virtual workshops in the last few weeks. 

Their next initiative is an interactive virtual reading program which will happen throughout July. This is the third edition of a one-of-a-kind reading program which will feature a close knit group of 15 as they navigate through one fiction and one non fiction book. Think of it like a more immersive virtual book club where you can actually engage with other bookworms across the country and talk about what you’re reading. But note that admissions are on first come first serve basis. 

“The fee for this 4-week program is INR 500. Receive writing prompts and reading questions related to each book's theme every week, and also gain access to 1-hour Zoom discussion sessions every Sunday,” Pen Paper Dreams wrote on its Instagram page. You can also check out their unique gratitude journaling workshop which has actually been designed as a stress-buster program. You can find more details about the program here .

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