Bickram Ghosh and Hariharan's Ishq to release on the third week of February

Bickram Ghosh and Hariharan's Ishq to release on the third week of February

ISHQ, the musical collaboration of Hariharan and Bickram Ghosh is all set to premiere from the third week of February. The song is the last part of the album that already has three beautiful songs - Mora Mann Mehka, Radha, and Bawara Ye Mann. These songs featured Jaya Seal Ghosh (Bickram Ghosh’s wife), Ishaa Saha, Tuhina Das, and Hariharan’s son Karan. Jaya played a prominent role in Mora Mann Mehka.

This piece of music stars Bibriti Chatterjee, Sauraseni Maitra, and Priyanka Sarkar. The song has a perfect balance of melody and lyrics. It is composed to bridge the gap of quintessential romance which is missing in Hindi songs these days. The valentine’s day special album will have six melodious numbers. Director Arindam Sil has directed the video in different suburbs of Kolkata. When Bickram Ghosh was asked about his experience of shooting in Kolkata, he told an entertainment portal,” We had a whale of a time shooting across the city. It was great fun. We would shoot all day. Arindam was so creative with the videos... people are in for a surprise. He has shot the videos beautifully. Hariji really enjoyed his stint in Calcutta, the warmth of
the city, and the love of the people. In the evening we would all hang out. It was a really memorable time for all of us. There was a lot of bonding, and a lot of discussions on film, music, and aesthetics. Riding the new double-decker bus was very memorable. We went across the Howrah Bridge. Treating Hariji to rashbhara nolen gurer sondesh from Nakur was special because he loved it. We had a great
time shooting in the Maidan. In one part of the frame was the Victoria Memorial.”

Arindam Sil also revealed,” The shooting for the music videos of Ishq has been a pleasant experience, really special. The songs are soulful. My friend Bickram has given the music. It was an incredible experience, working with Hariharanji, a wonderful, down-to-earth human being, who is so focused and passionate about his music. It was lovely to know a person whose singing you adore. I told him that he was the person who taught us romanticism in our youth. The challenge was to tell different stories through the videos for the love songs. We have done three so far and they were wonderfully done. It was a pleasure working with Priyanka, Sauraseni, and Bibriti. All three were in my Byomkesh Gotro. I got the trio back again. The locations also enhanced the songs. The treatment of all the three songs were tremendously different. We shot all across Calcutta and it was really fun. Both Hariharanji and Bickram are so full of energy.”

The album is produced by SUFISCORE and is slated to release in the third week of February this year. The crew has promised to spread ISHQ among music lovers. One ghazal king and a master percussionist have come together for a soulful music album which will surely be a treat to our ears!

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