75 years of Independence: What independence means to actor Santhosh Prathap, Musician Arijit Paul, actor Karunakaran, and dancer  Shoma Kaikini - Singh

Celebrities from different industries in the country share what independence means to them

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With India celebrating its 75th Independence Day today, we have celebrities from different industries in the country discussing what independence means to them, and how they will be commemorating this historic occasion:

Santhosh Prathap- Actor:

On the topic of Independence Day, the actor shared, “Independence according to me, it's like being independent, like, those days rulers were there. So it was hard for us to get independence. We are happy, we are cherishing everything that we have but I think we are becoming more dependent on technologies. So, for me, people are getting to the organic way of living, and people are getting into a healthy lifestyle.  I'm very happy to see that but I see more people are still dependent on technology, which is in a good way like you know, people are getting educated. But I guess like no, we have to get back to our roots we have to know our culture like that's why we struggled so much to get independence from another ruler. So all I would like to promises like I'm learning like my basics to do agriculture or do anything which is our system like no which belong to us. So that's what I would like to promise for this independence day and wish you a wonderful life and great independence, your head at the sound of independence.”

Arijit Paul- Musician

“I think our nation has made immense progress in the past 75 years, and it's getting better day by day. I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day,” the musician said.

Karunakaran – Actor

The actor shared his feelings about Independence Day. The actor said, “Wishing you all a very, very happy Independence Day. We are celebrating our 75th Independence Day. Independence Day celebration to me means remembering all our freedom fighters who gave away their precious lives to get us freedom and also to all our defence staff who are still safeguarding our nation, standing in all the borders, holding a heavy gun so that we all can sleep peacefully. It is also time to remember all the intelligence agencies, and there are so many departments that are working day and night, staying away from their families to safeguard our nation. So, it's time to celebrate our freedom. Jai Hind.”

Shoma Kaikini Singh- Founder of  Nrityanidhi dance school:

On the topic of Independence Day, the dancer said, “I pursue the path of Indian Classical dance. Therefore, not a single day goes by without feeling a deep sense of pride and gratitude for India. Learning an Indian art form that is centuries old is like exploring pages of history that reveal new & fascinating aspects of itself regularly. The cultural, yogic or ayurvedic tapestry of India isn't merely about the apparent, but also the spiritual root of experiencing human life. I often wonder how I would have known any of these facets if I wasn't born on this land. Being an Indian brings me great opportunities for wisdom, growth and cultural expression. Thank you for everything, India! Happy Independence Day!”