75 years of Independence: What independence means to actor Sharath Ravi, Chef Koushik S, and actress Deeptii Mohan

Celebrities from different industries in the country share what independence means to them

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Chef Koushik S

Chef Koushik S

With India celebrating its 75th Independence Day today, we have celebrities from different film industries in the country discussing what independence means to them, and how they will be commemorating this historic occasion:

Sharath Ravi - Actor:

"Without a doubt, August 15 is probably the most important day for every Indian. I firmly believe we all share the same sentiment. Independence Day is a kind reminder for us to pay respect to everyone who got us this freedom. It is a day to express our gratitude to all those wonderful freedom fighters. As far as my celebration goes, I always cherish pinning the Indian flag on my shirt pocket as a kid and singing the national anthem," he recalled.

Mohan Kannan - Musician:

The musician began by wishing a very Happy Independence Day. He went on to explain, "For me, Independence Day signifies everything that we can do and we have the freedom to do and what I have grown up with, which is the freedom to pursue whatever I really want to do. Just take the reins because you can, and thankfully we've been given the freedom to do so. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Go out and celebrate. I'm gonna celebrate this by surrounding myself with as many musicians as possible. That's what we always do to celebrate a good day. So we're going to have a musical jam. I hope you have a great Independence Day too."

Chef Koushik S, aka the Mad Chef:

"We are celebrating 75 years of Independence in India. I think it's amazing because to me, independence means freedom of choice. Like every year, I'm going to be with my team at my restaurant. We're going to do a flag hoisting and we'll get right back to work because we're trying to work to our best and achieve what we have to do as an independent country," the chef said.