Graffiti artist Banksy strikes again with the sketch of rat on an NYC clock 

 In the last two weeks Banksy has also bestowed on New York several murals - including one in Coney Island and a rumoured mural in Harlem 

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A new banksy art

A new banksy art

Less than a week after it appeared on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, the rat stenciled by graffiti artist Banksy, on a former bank building’s exterior clock has been removed. On Tuesday afternoon, workers were seen detaching the clock face with the work of art on it from the building.

The artist also revealed on Instagram a mural, in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. This comes under Banksy's latest series of interventions in the New York City streetscape.  

With a characteristic coy commentary on capitalism, the smaller piece depicts a seal while the larger one features what looks like a real estate developer brandishing a whip in the shape of a rising red line graph, while a line of children, woman, and an elderly person, and a dog flee. Nearby, a smaller mural whose connection to the theme of gentrification is indecipherable, features a seal balancing a ball — formed by the unpainted circle where a sign used to hang — on its nose. Banksy's work grew out of the Bristol underground scene, where his art involved collaborations between artists and musicians. Banksy is inspired by 3D, a graffiti artist who later became a founding member of the English group Massive Attack.  As of 2014, Banksy was regarded as a British cultural icon, with young adults from abroad naming the artist among a group of people that they most associated with UK culture.


In the last two weeks Banksy has also bestowed on New York new work that honors imprisoned Turkish artist Zehra Dogan on the Bowery mural wall, as well as a piece of pointed commentary against real estate developers on Coney Island Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. The artist is also rumored to have created a mural in Harlem, but hasn’t verified that with a post on their Instagram account.