AstaGuru set to host second edition of its heirloom and vintage jewellery and silverware auctions

Since time immemorial, fine jewels have always been symbolic of the rank and status of a person.
Golden kadas
Golden kadas

Since time immemorial, fine jewels have always been symbolic of the rank and status of a person.

The Royal courts and families all over the world have always collected and commissioned jewellery which in turn brought various designs and precious stones into vogue.

This seamless evolution of jewellery from the royal courts to it becoming more accessible to the affluent members of the society is an interesting phenomenon, and AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue represents the opulence of the past in the present point in time.

They have on offer various pieces right from the traditional Indian Jadau work to modern Art Deco pieces and more contemporary styles.

AstaGuru’s upcoming Heirloom Jewellery and Silver auction is to be held on the 20th and 21st of October.

The catalogue will have a range of jewellery with each individual piece being a testament to the excellent craftsmanship employed in creating these delicate pieces.

AstaGuru began this journey to give the Indian and International audiences a chance to explore options
beyond art and showcase Indian artistry at its finest. Discerning collectors understand the value of jewellery in terms of its cultural aspect.

The jewellery designs used and the techniques employed speaks volumes about the inherited traditions that stretch as far back as the time when the Mughals reined India.

From the traditional lots on offer, they have several vintage pieces right from various head ornaments like the Gold Sarpech set with polki diamonds and spinel drops and a peacock motif Kalgi set with
diamonds to an exquisite Champakali Necklace set with polki diamonds, basra pearls, and old
mine Colombian emeralds and an elegant Five Strand Basra Pearl Necklace.

These jewels offer everything that is needed to complement the perfect traditional ensemble. The Five Strand Basra Pearl Necklace is a particular highlight of their auction.

Basra pearls are a type of natural pearls and are coveted because of their rarity and size. They originate from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf and thus owning Basra Pearls becomes an epitome of luxury.

The necklace that AstaGuru has for their auction becomes particularly valuable considering the pearls are perfectly matched, which is rare when it comes to Basra Pearls.

Further elevating the look of the necklace are two gold terminals mounted with polki diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

<em>AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue</em>
AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue

Another lot designed using the precious Basra Pearls is a pair of ear pendants.

Crafted in the year 1920, these pair of earrings showcase a single line of diamonds suspending a basra pearl drop, attached to diamond caps.

Any traditional look remains incomplete without bangles. AstaGuru’s catalogue also offers a stellar pair of Period Gold Kadas.

These gold-hinged kadas are over 100 years old and set with rubies and emeralds and an inner layer of evenly spaced fine rubies.

The border of the kadas are decorated with fine natural pearls. They have some eye-catching lots from the Art Deco period, or what is most commonly known as the roaring 20s.

The Art Deco period is characterised by geometric shapes, linear designs and bold colour combinations.

A particular Double Clip Platinum Brooch makes for a model example of the style prevalent during this period.

<em>A piece from AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue</em>
A piece from AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue

In a wing-shaped motif, this brooch is set with 399 pieces of brilliant-cut diamonds and 40 pieces of diamond baguettes.

Another fascinating feature of this brooch is that it can be detached and worn as two separate brooches.

A Necklace set that is sure to appeal to everyone's sense of aesthetics is the Diamond and Ruby necklace set that they have on offer.

This stunning 18k white gold necklace comes with a matching set of earrings. The necklace is set with diamonds and natural Burmese rubies.

Rubies such as the one present in this set come from the Mogok mine, and are coveted for their ‘Pigeon Blood Red’ colour.

The earrings have a foliate motif with each set containing two rubies strung from a line of diamonds.

<em>AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue</em>
AstaGuru’s Heirloom Jewellery and Silver catalogue

AstaGuru’s upcoming auction offers various carefully curated jewels that have the ability to complement your outfit perfectly and can be adorned for numerous special occasions.

The lots on offer in their Heirloom Jewellery and Silver auction form a breathtaking collection that will pique the interest of anyone looking to own fine jewellery with unique designs.

AstaGuru will host its heirloom and vintage jewellery auction on Oct 20 & 21st, featuring jewellery from the Art Deco, Belle Epoque and Victorian eras as well as some fine and exquisite pieces from the Indian subcontinent, dating back to the 18th & 19th centuries. 

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