Anaha Chattaraj's summer collection of abstract art goes on show at Cafe 4/1, Kolkata

Graphics designer-turned-artist gives a unique character to all her artworks

author_img Vinita Tiwari Published :  09th April 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th April 2019 12:00 AM
Anaha Art Summer collection

Summer collection of Art by Anaha is characterised by realistic abstract art

City-based graphic designer, Anaha Chattaraj, recently opened an exhibition of some of her most recent works at Cafe 4/1.

The exhibition showcases works created by her at different points of time. While some were created a few years ago, others are just a week or two old. The subject of her artwork varies from nature and landscapes to human emotions, depicted through faces and portraits. The images are of varying sizes, which comes mostly within the measurement of 5" by 5", to really large ones at 30" by 36".


“Studying design has enriched my sensibilities to a large extent and that is the reason precisely, my art is not very typical and predictable. Elements of my graphic designing has shaped up my artwork, to give it a character, which can range from grungy to funky and even serene at times,” says Anaha , who has so far worked in advertising, music channels, fashion industry and has also designed many of  the Starmark bookstores in South City Mall, and Quest Mall to name a few.

“My journey with the canvas started seven years ago when spending too much time with computers, to meet tight deadlines, took a toll on my health. I decided to give it all up, and create something with my hand. It was then, that I slowly transitioned from being a graphic designer to being a full-time artist,” she tells us.

Lotus Girl
Lotus Girl

There is a portrait called Going Within, in black and white, pen and ink, which depicts a meditating guy, while there is another called Frozen which looks like Kurt Kobain and quite contrary to the name, depicts a man with intense eyes because he is not able to express his emotions. Some of her works use light, pastel shades of blues and pink and sometimes monochromatic colours like black and white.

There are others, like Resurrection, which is a burst of colours, while the Lotus Girl has characteristic yellow with two blossoming bunches sitting on either side, depicting its own logic behind the choice of colours and the imagery depicted within.


Her most recent works include Landscape Cravings and the Nature Revolution series where she depicts wide, open, spaces with acrylic on canvas, with a washed-out watercolour look. But the multi-talented artist and graphic designer refrains from approaching deep or lofty themes in her work or even translating her personal angst onto the canvas.

 “I am not trying to change the world or create any socio-political commentary out of my artwork. I just want my art to be uplifting and inspiring for people. I want it to have a healing effect on others,” says Anaha, who is also a hypnotherapist and will be conducting a workshop on Systemic and Family Constellation Therapy on April 13 at Jodhpur Park.

The summer collection of Art by Anaha will be on display at Café 4/1 till May 6