Academy of Fine Arts, West Gallery to host an exhibition of artist Jayanta Khan’s works

Against Terrorism comprises six works which act as a socio-political comment on war and terrorism
Against Terrorism is an ongoing series
Against Terrorism is an ongoing series

Academy of Fine Arts is set to host an exhibition of artist Jayanta Khan’s latest works at their West Gallery, beginning tomorrow.

The exhibition, named Against Terrorism, will feature eight artworks by Khan, who has been working on this series for quite some time. Two of the works are oil on canvas and six of them are acrylic on canvas- but all of them are themed on a war-torn land or society.

<em>Border 2, (acrylic on canvas) 2019</em>
Border 2, (acrylic on canvas) 2019

While there are some works which depict a society, which has borne the after-effects of terror attacks –there are others, which contrast war with the optimism that life has to offer. “My works always have a social message. I am of the opinion that if people started buying bread with the money spent on buying arms and ammunition for their protection, then there would be food for all and no reason to fight. Humanity is the only religion that matters. War or terrorism will never amount to any good- it will only ruin lives,” says Jayanta, who passed out of the Indian Society of Oriental Arts in 1998.

<em>Border-1, (Acrylic on Canvas) 2019</em>
Border-1, (Acrylic on Canvas) 2019

“Obviously, I can’t change the world I am living in but I can definitely express myself in my works- and would like to know the opinion of the viewers too,” says Jayanta. Most of his works focus on the day-to-day life that either existed before the war or has been disrupted by it.

Ancient societies are another source of inspiration for Jayanta, who finds inspiration in the most unconventional objects of nature or society- whether it is an alien culture or the flower of Cactus- it’s the road which is not taken- motivates Jayanta to create and express himself.

<em>Border 4, (acrylic on canvas) 2019</em>
Border 4, (acrylic on canvas) 2019

“These days our actions lack soul. It is as if we are playing characters in a play- we start out with some different motive and end up doing things which do not comply with what we really intended to do,” he concludes.

Against Terrorism. At the Academy of Fine Arts. West Gallery. June 18-24. 12 pm onwards

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