Kolkata's Nakshatra Art Gallery to showcase Sudipta Karmakar's Aquarelle

Artist Sudipta Karmakar's latest series of watercolour paintings called Aquarelle, will be displayed at Nakshatra Art gallery till June 12

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  15th May 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th May 2019 12:00 AM
Kolkata's Nakshatra Art Gallery

Camel Safari, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar

Young and emerging painter Sudipta Karmakar believes in following a particular style and letting that be his identity rather than adopting a particular composition of art. An alumnus of Government Art College, the 36-year-old artist will be holding his fifth solo exhibition at Nakshatra Art Gallery from May 17 onwards. 

Foggy Morning, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

Named Aquarelle, the French word for watercolour, this month-long exhibition will showcase 11 different works of the painter, which are all in transparent watercolour on paper. Karmakar, who mainly works with watercolour, draws inspiration from photorealism and tries to follow that style.

An Old Roof, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

"I love creating an illusion in front of the viewers. Photorealism in watercolour is extremely rare since it's mostly done with oil colours. I have attempted to create the same effect with watercolours and I hope people will appreciate the effort," he says.

Mumbai, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

"Karmakar's sincerity towards work and the way he expresses his feelings in watercolour, which is a tough medium to handle, is incredible. He is very fluid and has total control over the medium and hence we thought of showcasing his impressive collection of latest paintings," says Mousumi Mukherji, owner of Nakshatra Art Gallery, a 13-year-old gallery, which has exhibited the works of such stalwarts including SH Raza, MF Hussain, Ganesh Pyne, Jogen Choudhury and Sunil Das among others.

Struggle for Existence, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

All his paintings in this series are figurative and depict nature and cityscapes in bright hues of orange, red, yellow, blue and green.

The balcony of Jaisalmer Fort, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

"I mostly paint subjects that affect me as an artist at a particular time and space. Some of my recent paintings were a reflection of such heinous crimes as rape and at times I even paint something as simple as a foggy morning, which uplifts my mood," elaborates Karmakar, whose last three exhibitions were held at the Academy of Fine Arts and another one was held at K2 Gallery.

Benares, photorealism in watercolour by Sudipta Karmakar 

Aquarelle will be on till June 12 at Nakshatra Art Gallery, 42/138, New Ballygunge Road, till June 12 from noon to 6.30 p.m. (Sundays closed)