Five art and craft workshops that are on our radar this weekend

Think Kokodama, candle making and alcohol ink painting
Five art and craft workshops that are on our radar this weekend

Acrylic painting
Paint your imagination by taking part in this acrylic painting workshop at Loft. Acrylic paintings are done with polymer-based acrylic paints which can be applied directly on canvas. It provides greater flexibility to the artist in terms of texture, hardness and appearance and can be used on different surfaces. In the workshop, you will learn to work with acrylics on canvas. All materials for painting will be provided by the host. Limited seats available for children and adults above the age of 10. ₹2,000 ++ upwards. November 24. At Loft, HSR Layout

Kokodama for beginners

Get your hands dirty at Bloom and Glow this weekend with their Kokodama workshop. Kokodama is an indoor decorative plant which finds its origin in Japan. The word 'Kokodama' literally translates to moss ball. The plant grows in a ball of soil which is covered with moss. It can be hung indoors or can be placed near a window. In the workshop, you will learn to create Kokodama using ferns. You may also take your plant home with you. ₹1,000. November 24. At Bloom and Grow, Koramangala

Clay mural
The Living Walls - Art & Craft Studio invites you to learn a new way of fashioning your courtyard walls with clay murals. A mural is a piece of art that is created directly on a wall. One of the most famous murals of all time is The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Drop by at 12:00 noon for a three-hour workshop and take home your original piece of art. Limited seats available for children and adults above the age of 10. Prior registration is required. ₹1,900. November 24. At The Living Walls Studio, Kumaraswamy Layout- 2nd stage   

Alcohol ink painting
Dreamscapes is organising an alcohol ink painting workshop. Arpita Gaidhane, an artist and writer based in Bengaluru will be facilitating the workshop. Alcohol ink painting is a fun way of creating art. No straight lines, no perfect shaded, all you need is a set of three inks and a hard surface to spread it on. Alcohol Ink paints are highly-pigmented and is used to paint on non-porous surfaces. With a few drops of ink and few blows through a straw you can create an unlimited array of vibrant, dreamy, abstract worlds for yourself. The workshop is for kids aged 12 and above. ₹1,999. November 24. At Santhe Balcony, Lahe Lahe, Indira Nagar

Candle making 
Light up your house with your own handmade candles. Learn the art of candle making at the workshop by Bloom and Grow. By the end of the workshop, you will take home four different kinds of candles made by you - Romantic Rose Ball Candles, Gel Candles, Chunk candles, and Layer candles. Learn how to carve beautiful shapes on your candle and mix perfumes, scents, essential oils, and colour in perfect proportions. ₹1,500 ++ upwards. November 24. At Bloom & Grow, Koramangala

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