Art Houz hosts an exhibition on the theme Divinity

From paintings on canvas and wooden and paper sculptures to installations, Art Houz hosts an exhibition based on the theme Divinity

author_img Melvin Samuel Published :  18th October 2019 12:36 PM   |   Published :   |  18th October 2019 12:36 PM


Over twenty artists including first-time exhibitors and established ones from different parts of Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring states will be exhibiting their paintings, paper and wooden sculptures and even installations in the city. Part of an exhibition on the theme Divinity, the display is set to go on at Art Houz until October 21. Here’s our pick of artists and their work that are a must-see.

Inner peace
Jegajayakumar, an artist who has been painting deities for the last 30 years, will be showcasing his paintings on canvas for the first time. Among the three pieces of work on display, is the portraiture of an avatar meditating in front of a tree. “The concept this images is the Karpagaviruksham; a tree that grants you whatever you ask for. In modern times, it is believed that the Karpagaviruksham is present within and one has to find divinity from within oneself,” he explains.

Divine Nature
Chennai-based artist, Isaiarasi seeks to depict the idea of divinity through the cosmos. “Whenever we think of the term divine, we associate it with the image of an idol. I believe that nature and man possess the attributes of divinity. They are central to my art. My paintings use a circular form within which you in find aspects of that depict mankind and nature,” explains 28-year-old who studied fine art from Stella Maris.

Go with the flow
After pursuing design studies and working as mobile interface designer and illustrator, Auroville-based artist Muthiah Kasi started researching and began to make his own paints. “I have discovered some techniques of paintings from the 1300s like painting with natural pigments called tempera. I drew inspiration from the base that I made for sacred geometry,” explains Muthiah Kasi, whose idea of divinity is to accept things as they are and see the beauty in them. 

Paper power
Working as a teacher in Indra Gandhi higher secondary school in Pondicherry artist A Krishnan began making sculptures with waste paper lying around in the school. What began as an experimental project for an exhibition in Auroville gained popularity. “I have displayed three sculptures like Ganesh, Sedal and Ayyanar and they have drawn inspiration from antique statues,” says the artist.

Passion en(light)end
Sampath Kumar takes a different path through his installations artwork. “To me, light is divinity. The entire universe runs on a source of light (Sun). Even most religions find a parallel between divinity and light.” His installations are made of bronze and incorporate an elements of light in 
his collection.

At Art Houz. From 10 am onwards.