Emami Art and KCC co-host Extend A Hand, a series of online art exhibitions

These online exhibitions that are being hosted by Emami Art along with Kolkata Centre of Creativity will support communities affected by COVID-19

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  19th May 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th May 2020 12:00 AM

A painting by Arunima Choudhury

Emami Art, one of the country's leading contemporary art galleries along with Kolkata Centre of Creativity (KCC) is hosting Extend A Hand, a series of online exhibitions in support of the younger artists. A percentage of the proceeds will be directed towards rehabilitating communities that are suffering due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown. The exhibition is going on since May 14 and has already garnered positive responses from art connoisseurs.

A painting by Soma Das

"In the past few weeks, we have seen that the world is going through an unprecedented and challenging time and that only if we are in this together in harmony, will we be able to fight against the pandemic that has put the entire world in a dilemma. The economic and humanitarian cost of the pandemic would be impossible to imagine today and incredibly hard to bear in future. As responsible corporate citizens we believe it's time to come forward and make a difference," says Richa Agarwal, CEO of Emami Art. 

Extend A Hand will showcase 120 artwork by 36 established, emerging and new contemporary artists.  The artworks which include paintings, sculptures and installations are priced at Rs 8,000 onwards. By participating in Extend a Hand, the artworks will serve the buyers as not only a reminder of their generosity but will also contribute towards saving the lives of many, who are struggling.

A painting by Suman Dey

In an effort to provide quality mentorship to emerging artists and students, Emami Art, through an easily accessible platform also hosted Emami Art Mentorship Program.  Curated by Ushmita Sahu, it offers a platform for the youngsters who can get direct insights and guidance from a counsel of established artists, writers, curators, gallerists among others.  

A painting by Obayya

List of artists you whose works are being showcased in Extend a Hand includes Anjan Modak, Arpana Caur, Arpita Akhanda, Arpita Basu, Arunima Chowdhury, Ashok Bhowmik, Bholanath Rudra, Bratin Khan, Chandan Debnath, Deepshikha Khaitan, Ghana Shyam Latua, Jayshree Chakroborty, Jogen Chowdhury, Manoj Poddar, Obayya, P.P. Raju, Pappu Bardhan, Partho Shaw, Prathana Hazra, Promiti Hossain, Ramananda Bandhopadhyay, S.G. Vasudev, Shreyan Banerjee, Soma Das, Somnath Hore, Sonal Ambani, Subrata Das, Subrata Gangopadhyay, Sukanta Das, Suman Dey, Surajit Biswas, Tamal Bhattacharya, Ujjal Dey, Umesh Jana, Utpal Datta, Vanita Karim.

To view Extend A Hand, a series of online exhibitions view  www.emamiart.com.