Bengaluru-based Sortedpandit Studio hosts a competition to explore new design ideas for performance spaces post the pandemic

The competition is under the Project Platypus initiative started by architect duo Netra Ajjampur and Abhishek Durani
Reference image for participants
Reference image for participants

The pandemic has impacted not just our daily routines but also our creative pursuits and activities. Artistes and their patrons across the globe will agree that going forward, the approach to performances and performance spaces will not be the same again. With this in mind, two Bengaluru-based architects, Netra Ajjampur and Abhishek Durani, co-founders of Sortedpandit Studio, have launched a new initiative titled Project Platypus.

Under this project, the duo is curating Post Pandemic Performances: Gatherings in times of Social Distancing, an architecture competition that’s open to people from different professional backgrounds. Talking about what how they got the idea for this concept, Netra says, “Given our experience and association with the performing arts, we realised how the pandemic has caused a major setback in the industry. We saw major potential in this dialogue (the competition), and the impact that it could have in the world of both architecture and the performing arts.”

Netra and Abhishek
Netra and Abhishek

The competition that’s in association with Materia, an architecture practice based in Mexico, will look at design entries that provide a rich artistic experience (visual, auricular and spatial) for both the audience and the performer. “We are inviting entries that envision performances and gatherings at a time when the key social features of the pandemic have become normalcy. The challenge for these participants is to design a space for gathering, which complies with social distancing guidelines. The primary function of performance space is to keep the audiovisual connection between the audience and the performer. The jury will look for a strong concept, multidisciplinary approach and inclusivity in the proposals, and the innovation in representational techniques,” explains Netra.

This contest is also a fundraiser and Project Platypus has partnered with Seeds India, Rise Against Hunger India and Reapbenefit. The registration fees will be donated to these organisations.


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