InKo Centre to present a session on Korean wooden architecture

Called Daemokjang, the episode is a part of their series that focuses on Korea's cultural traditions

author_img K Pillai Published :  18th November 2020 02:25 PM   |   Published :   |  18th November 2020 02:25 PM

As a part of their Cultural Heritage series, InKo Centre is presenting a session on Daemokjang - traditional Korean wooden architecture. This series aims to focus on introducing and celebrating singular aspects of Korea's cultural traditions. 

The term Daemokjang refers to an artisan working in the field of carpentering and is derived from Mokjang or Moksu (carpenter). A Daemokjang is a master architect/builder who has a lifetime of carpentry, design, and engineering skills. The Daemokjang is in charge of the entire construction process, including the planning, design and construction of buildings and the supervision of subordinate carpenters or joiners.

Latest episode on November 19, 6 pm.  

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