Oscillations by Vipeksha Gupta is on view at Blueprint 12

A new gallery space has been launched in Blueprint 12, New Delhi featuring the works of prominent abstract artist Vipeksha Gupta

author_img A Sheba Serlin Published :  08th February 2021 05:38 PM   |   Published :   |  08th February 2021 05:38 PM

Blueprint 12, New Delhi

The Blueprint 12 art gallery in New Delhi has launched a brand new gallery space with Vipeksha Gupta’s solo art exhibition titled Oscillations on display until February 10, 2021.


Vipeksha Gupta is known for her monochromatic and meditative drawings. Her works are inspired by her meditative practices and tend to capture the process of metamorphosis that begins with the awakening of the soul. She believes that nothing in this world is stable or permanent; everything is bound to go through a state of metamorphosis. She says, “The ‘I’ with which we are infatuated is a phenomenon in constant flux.”


Her works are mostly abstract and focus on the “light in the dark.” She describes her works as a “process of constant unpredictable desires in an ocean of mental tranquility.” She uses a number of pictorial references combining photography and expresses it on paper. She believes the sole purpose of her art is to unify abstraction with representation. Her use of limited colour and simple paper helps her concentrate on the simplicity where craft, skill and concept are symbiotic. “The paper is not a mere surface but is an independent medium in itself. It is affectionate, light and flexible. It’s like a filter which looks through the objects, surroundings and endures the quiet decay of it,” she says.


The art gallery also offers a live exhibition on their ‘Platform’ section. The works of Amit Kumar Jain and other handpicked artists will be on display and can be viewed on their website.