Women's Day special: 10 Indian visual artists on our radar 

Let's take a look at 10 independent visual artists who all share a passion for the arts and are dedicated to supporting women and sharing their stories while helping them in their pursuit of it. 

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A work by Pencil Mint

A work by Pencil Mint

International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the progress made on gender equality and celebrate women and the numerous contributions to our art, history, and culture. Let's take a look at 10 independent visual artists who all share a passion for the arts and are dedicated to supporting women and sharing their stories while helping them in their pursuit of it. 

Sheena Anam
Sheena Anam is an independent artist from Bengaluru. She works with acrylics, watercolours, and coffee painting. Most of her work is based on landscapes, florals, and food illustrations with thick textures and depth. She is primarily a self-taught artist who has been mentored by Jagdish Kadur. Currently, she works as a commissioned artist, an art educator with Madcap Workshops, and has illustrated a book on children's etiquette called Aadaab. She hopes to one day own her gallery and teach art.

Varidhi a.k.a. Arteries is a Bengaluru-based artist, who combines her paintings with her writing. They both work hand in hand to help her express herself. She works with watercolors and acrylics on canvas drawing inspiration from the skies, the universe, the mystery of consciousness, and books. Art to her, she says "Art is a universe of subjective experiences, and it's unifying. I hope my art does the same. I hope to bring more people to indulge in art and its experience. "

Doom Space
Dysha is a Pune-based artist who goes by the name Doom Space. She works with multiple art forms like game design, watercolours, pen and ink, and tattoos. She prefers to pick concepts that are considered taboo, dark, or are misunderstood and shines a light on the beauty of these concepts through her art. Her artwork also inspires her poetry and strongly believes that words and visions go hand in hand.

Manasa Reddy
Manasa Reddy is a Bengaluru-based artist who works with watercolours, creating art based on realistic compositions using it as a platform to express herself better. Her influences include the likes of Polina Bright, Tomasz Mro, and Humid Peach. She currently working on projects that focus on portraits and human anatomy.

Pencil Mint
Sadhana Sudhakar from Madurai, Tamil Nadu is a digital artist who is currently based in Bengaluru. Her art is aimed at making the viewer feel anomalous emotions and to feel connected with the emotion. Her inspirations stem from places and people and she is fascinated by the works of Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Sher-Gil.

Sanchitha S Gowda
Sanchitha is a Bengaluru-based artist and the co-founder of SS creations. Her company focuses on everything related to art and photography. She works on mediums such as acrylic, oil, resin, and traditional Indian paintings and has also worked on art for award-winning short films. She has also won several awards like the International Reflection Mysore (2018), National Art and Design Bengaluru (2018), Lepa Utsav award (2018), and Dadasaheb Palke award (2019).

Anwesha Roy is a Bengali artist based in Bengaluru. She works in digital arts, watercolors, gouache, oils, installations, and acrylics. Her themes revolve around the conflicts of the human mind and focus on psychological tones. Her digital artwork has hidden meanings and metamorphism. Some of her work has been featured by Under 25 and The Fat Jesus Collective.

Mehek Basheer is an artist from Madurai and is currently based in Bengaluru. She works with watercolors, acrylics, oils, and digital media and finds inspiration from artists like Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Julian Merrow-Smith, and Monet whose styles are incorporated in her work. Her art depicts growth and her experiences of the human essence while addressing mental health issues as well. She also dabbles in photography and poetry which draws inspiration from her art.

Tanya Nicole D'souza
Tanya Nicole D’souza is a Bengaluru-based artist from Mangalore and the founder of Curiostan. She works with acrylic paints, watercolour, and gouache and also handcrafts interior decor with repurposed wood. Her art acts as a portal that brings her imagination to the tangible world and acts as a journal of memories to her audiences and clients.

Srinija Comandur
Srinija is a Bengaluru-based artist who works on both traditional and digital mediums. Her work includes oil paintings on canvas, pencil sketching, printmaking, and sculpture that aims to find the perfect balance between traditional and digital forms of art. To her art is a medium of expression and self-growth and hopes to create mental and emotional change through her art.