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His travels, off-road riding, or that particular moment where something strikes him — all turns into art in  Ashith Mohan’s hands

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KOCHI: Each frame is filled with something that seems out of this realm. Though Ashith Mohan’s landscapes are rooted in the earth and reality, they transport viewers to somewhere far away, beyond the concept of time. For the Kollam native, art is not just a part of his career. It’s something he carries with himself always, sometimes as a hobby. His many travels, off-road riding, or that particular moment where something strikes him about his surroundings — all become part of his art. With simple strokes, he creates stories in each frame, something nostalgic and at times funny.  

A common rubber thottam or a Gulf Malayali travelling home from an airport, Ashith gives many added layers to each of his drawings. May it be a landscape or the quirky side of humans, the artist’s images elicit a curiosity in viewers. “People always ask me about the tale behind a particular image that fascinates them. I always have a story behind each frame. Most often weaved together along with the image. As the painting finishes, the story also becomes clear,” says Ashith.



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The 30-year-old artist is an avid traveller. From his campus days in an Engineering college, which he reluctantly attended, he was in love with reaching the less-known picturesque parts of the state. “I used to draw from a young age. But, what I was not interested in was Engineering,” he quips. “I found peace with creating art for college festivals and such. And my friends and other seniors who saw my work urged me to pursue art as a career,” he adds.

After college, he immediately joined Toonz Academy as a student. Shortly he was recognised for his skills in storyboarding. “I didn’t see that coming, especially because I was much more interested in concept art. I went ahead with storyboarding as I  got a job offer at Toonz,” says Ashith. The young artist, for many years, reluctantly worked in a field that he was not interested in but was talented enough. 

“That’s why I started aggressively creating art. It was my only avenue to relax and be comfortable,” he says. It’s true! His Instagram page is filled with hundreds of artworks he created over the past few years. However, none of his frustrations or dark thoughts reflects on his strokes. All his paintings are serene and at times funny. “It’s not something conscious. It just happens that way,” he adds.


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Whenever there is a human figure in his painting, the story becomes funny. It comes off through the eyes, the mannerisms and the physique. Whenever he creates a landscape, a faraway land, or a moment that struck him, they become something tranquil. Even his sci-fi works are whimsical and at times tender. “Some of my works have elaborate stories behind them. One day, I hope to make them into short films,” says Ashith.

But his ultimate dream is to make a full-fledged animated movie. “I want to direct it. I have a concept that I have been working on for some time,” says the artist, who is now working on his dream job as an art director in a new short animation.

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