Meet Shankar, the 45-year-old who serves coffee during the day and draws satirical cartoons by the evening

His ongoing exhibition at Indian Cartoon Gallery on MG Road includes ‘Coffeetoons’

author_img Express News Service Published :  24th November 2021 05:23 PM   |   Published :   |  24th November 2021 05:23 PM


Banashankari is popular for various things but it’s also home to cartoonist coffee Shankar. Known not just for his delicious tea, coffee and snacks, the 45-year-old is an avid cartoonist who loves to keep himself busy with a new drawing every day. 

Having participated in various exhibitions across the city to showcase some of his works, his ongoing exhibition includes ‘Coffeetoons’ at Indian Cartoon Gallery on MG Road. This is presented by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. 

Shankar’s began his cartoonist journey in the year 2006. Speaking to CE, he says, “I love keeping myself busy drawing when I’m not running my business. It’s also refreshing to see something new being presented to my customers. They look forward to it too.” 

His first cartoon was published in a Kannada magazine called Kandaya Patrike. Since then, he has managed to publish over 6,000 cartoons in various publications. He has also won awards for his cartooning and caricatures and has been felicitated by various Kannada institutions. 

“Growing up, I was inspired by the artwork in the Malgudi Days series. I also enjoyed Tamil cartoonist Madhan’s work. It was really artist SV Murthy who inspired me to pick up the pen and start drawing,” he says. 

“I love drawing political and observational cartoons. The interesting thing about drawing them is that you predict it however you want and bring out a funnier side to it,” says Shankar. The cartoonist still prefers to draw on paper instead of using digital forms. “The drawing feels incomplete if not done on paper,” he laughs. 

Shankar starts his day at 4 am and goes on till late at night. “I sleep only two to three hours every day. I spend my whole day working, but my day is incomplete without drawing something. It’s almost like I start and end my day cartooning,” he says.